My Sketchbook ~ Flowers from Color

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Hello there ~

Here’s just another sketch of just color doodlin with watercolors I wanted to share today.  With this particular sketch, I laid down the color because… well, because it was just plain fun ~ that’s all!  And then, a few weeks later, I thought I should challenge myself to see… if I could ‘see flowers’ within each of those colors… 

What do YOU see?  {my mom saw a mouse ~ lol}

All you need is color.  Imagination.  And a Pen! {or several, that is!}  Of course, I used my black Pitt pen, and the Bic Wite-Out pen, too… 

Go on!  

Do it!! 



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  1. I think that the amount of time you have spent developing your eye and your doodles is helping you see those things that be not. ;^) But it is also encouraging that we can follow your example and practice and push limits that well, limit. Great stuff.

  2. I hate to disagree with you my friend, but it takes a little more than that to create something so beautiful… it takes TALENT! Of which you have a huge abundance! I don't have even an ounce of that kind of artistic talent, but I sure have enough talent to know beautiful when I see it – and your flowers are beautiful!

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