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If you’ve been reading my blog for any length of time, you likely have come to know that I dearly LOVE bright, bold, saturated COLOR!  It just makes me happy-giddy! 

It doesn’t matter if it’s in fabric, paint, paper or threads… and now inks and mists of all kinds!  I’ve been soooo intrigued with all the colored spray mists and inks I’ve seen on the market lately.  And now that I’ve used them for the first time on these art pieces, I’ve found I’m completely enamored with their playability: the layering possibilities, and their clear, bright palettes of color; some transparent, some more opaque.  So Exciting!

I took this phrase from a Max Lucado card I had!  I love it.  “God is For You!”  — and painting with my fingers as painting tools…. ya gotta try it!  What a joyful ride of child-like experimentation!  Even when the spray goes awry, and sometimes, ya know,  it’s a happy accident, and when it’s not… it is just a great opportunity to mop up and get over it; paint it again — Or NOT!

I’m so hooked!  And Excited!  {have I said that too much?!!}   I’m ready to blend, layer, and add more creative enhancements from my fabric scraps, to my  paper stash; using beautiful markers, pens, tissues, stickers, stencils and stamps… paints, inks, dyes and more.  {I’m sure you get the picture!}

It is full of boundless, limitless possibilities, and simply speaks to my love of all things ‘mixed up’ for a happy explosion of texture, color and the graphic! It comes together with doodle, graphic, words, color, texture and contrast, all combined into one fun, totally unexpected, and largely satisfying… way to CREATE. 

After the first piece I made, “She Believed She Could” – I went ruffling through all my scrapbooking supplies from over ten years ago, pulling out stickers, rub-ons, chipboard and pretty papers!

Excited to find that these supplies, and my sketchings, my ‘practice pages’ and color experiments in those books could come and play together in making this kind of art.

I used a silk organza flower from my stash, (I had used them to make my fabric pins), and had fun spraying it, and then adding white paint for accent.

I’ve been having problems seeing for awhile, especially lately, and was diagnosed yesterday by my eye dr that I have “early age” cataracts. Well!  Better early than late?!!!  I don’t know… but it sure explains a few things.  Headaches, ‘gummy’ eyes, cloudy vision… putting my nose up to my sewing machine and books; computer screens… driving?!!  {just kidding about the driving part}  Although I was very surprised, I am really excited ~ and grateful ~ hopeful ~ about seeing better!

And I remember: “God is For You” regardless of any challenge{s} we are certain to face! 

He Is. Thank you Lord!
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  1. And your love of bright, fun and happy color pours over in your blog and comments 🙂 Your work and your sweet place here brightens my world!

    I was encouraged to remember, "God is For Me" regardless of challenges I face. Thanks a bunch for sharing!

  2. You have such a gift for color and design, and for someone like me who does not have these talents, it is a joy to see and enjoy! I'm glad that you know what is going on with your eyes and can have the necessary work done to restore your vision. God truly is for you!

  3. Leslie, These pages are absolutely lovely! Thank you for sharing! And God bless you with healthy new vision and speedy recovery!

  4. Thanks for taking the time to come by my place and comment on my banner of freedom post. I appreciate your encouraging words!

  5. You may have eye trouble, but you have an eye for color, design and creating interesting content. This is so very cool. And I love your "God is for you" ending. Sweet!

  6. My goodness…your work is beautiful. I feel joyful just looking at it. The colors are so vibrant and beautiful. I feel as thought I've discovered a kindred spirit.

    I especially enjoyed reading your story on how you started this blog. I will have to check out your ETSY store.

  7. Wow Leslie, your work is A. Maze. Ing. Truly. I love it. So blessed to meet you through Graceful Summer – thanks for linking up!

  8. You are the only other person I know who has non-age related cataracts! I first had problems when I was 40 and they replaced the right lens. Then 10 years later they replaced the left lens. I had to be sent to the Eye Center at the Univ of Utah because my local docs didn't know what was wrong with me. I'm glad they found your problem – you will be SO happy to be able to see well again. So, so happy.

  9. Isn't this fun. I'm with you except I gave away the homeschool art stuff in a cleaning purge! awk! But I'm regrouping. lol They say that colours are brand new after cataract surgery. Something to look forward to!

  10. LOVE all the bright yummy colours and playfulness. Must be quite a relief to know what's happening with your eyes and that they can be fixed. Our eyesight is so precious.

  11. Is there anything you cannot do??!!! Love this piece!!! Christy is sooooo inspiring and I love her workshops. Keep up the FABULOUS work!!!

  12. What a gorgeous piece! Those colours are amazing, as is the message.
    May the cataracts get treated – at least now you know the cause.

  13. This song is a favorite lullaby at our house too! And it is beautiful – I cannot tell if it is fabric or paper!? It is a joyful creation!

  14. your work is captivating. look forward to seeing more. out of studio for a while due to surgery and so peeking in on others.

  15. On this is so happy and cheerful! I love what you have done. I have sang that song to my little ones and love the thought of God singing it over me, and vice versa. I've never tried the supplies you've mentioned here. It does sound like creative fun. Keep up the good work!

  16. I LOVE all of the beautiful colors! I love the shading you added to the organza flower, too. Wonderful job!

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