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“My Symphony”  
by Wm. Henry Channing
illustrated by Mary Engelbreit in this charming little book:
To live content with small means;

To seek elegance rather than luxury, 

and refinement rather than fashion; 

To be worthy, not respectable; 

wealthy, not rich;

To study hard, 
 think quietly, 
talk gently
act frankly; 

To listen to stars and birds, 
to babes and sages, 
with open heart, to bear all cheerfully, 

do all bravely,

await occasions, 

hurry never.

… To let the spiritual, 

unbidden and unconscious, 
grow up through the common.

This is to be my symphony
–Photography by Leslie Vaskey McNeil–

I hope you enjoyed this personal illustration  created just for you using some of my favorite photographs and charming poetry.   

I’m excited to be playing with lots of new things in my sewing studio, and I have been planning a few more tips and hints to share.  I hope you’ll visit again next Monday as I’m off serving our most gracious God at the 
Women’s Tres Dias tomorrow evening! 


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