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Hi there!  

Oh my gosh ~ Winter Storm Brutus is here, and our fireplace is a wonderful place to be!  Soooo thankful!  

 And I’m so excited to be home for a long four-day weekend, as I took today off! Yay!

 I have really, REALLY enjoyed an online class I’ve been taking “The Wild Art of Abandonment” through Christy Tomlinson’s website, and this class taught by the sweet Junelle Jacobsen.

 I’ve been making these little watercolor sketches over the past three weeks, during the class.  Last evening, I finished all of them by putting a coat of modge podge sealer, and glueing them to a corrugated card; a folding note card that you can write on, and comes with a matching envelope.  I will be listing them in my Etsy shop… soon.  In the meantime, however… I’m going to give some away, too ~ that is, if anyone wants one.

Each one is handsigned. 

They are very simple drawings, and I have more ‘fine tuning’ to go… not that I’m not happy with them… I just want to do more, and figure out more techniques!  What I really appreciate about art, is that the love for me is the process of   l e a r n i n g  ~ 
making  m i s t a k e s  ~   b l o o p e r s   
and most of all ~~~  
h a v i n g  F U N doing it!

 I used these art supplies:  Plain ol patterned cardstock, in about 6×6 size; white gesso.  Once dried, I applied either Inktense watercolor pencils by Derwent; Neo Color II watercolor crayons, or Twinkling H20’s, with accents of black pen, either a  Sharpie, or Pitt Pen, and the Wite-Out Pen. I finished everything with a coat of sealer to protect the watercolors.  This was another learning process as watercolor will reactivate and bleed with another water-based product.  A very light touch is all that is needed, and no continuous swiping!

I’m giving away some of them… I haven’t yet decided how many… if you like them, please leave me a comment, and state which is your favorite if you’d like.  Winners will be able to choose their favorites, in order of who was drawn first.  I will choose {winners} tomorrow ~ Saturday November 10th! 

Oh yes, I want to remind anyone out there… don’t forget about my Grip N Stitch Give-A-way here.  And just like the Grace of God… there is always more.  And you cannot outgive Him, but I will be adding to the drawing tomorrow, giving away a couple non-quilting but sweet artistic items also!  

What are you waiting for?  It’s nothing… but a sweet FREE gift… of grace!

Joining up with BEAUTIFUL JENNIFER at STUDIO JRU for In the Studio Friday!

Be WARM ~ Inside… and Out ~  
I’m THANKFUL today for you all~

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  1. I love them all especially I Choose Joy and Bloom — these would be wonderful to give to my grandchildren because the sentiments are so special to impart to young children. I love your work, Leslie, and look forward to reading your blog every day.

  2. Oh, snow – I'm so glad it's you and not us! We just got a dusting, just enough to cover up the leaves. Nice to have a four-day weekend – you can sew and create and do all sorts of cozy things. I like the saying, "I Chose Joy." It's a great visual reminder when life gets you down.

  3. Your watercolor cards are wonderful. I chose JOY, is my favorite, just strikes a chord with me. Peace, Donna

  4. These are so cute!!!! My favorite is the sweet little bird, followed by the poinsettia. I am looking for a true red in the Twinks… Can you tell me which one used? Thank you do much!

  5. Thank you for sharing the process of creating these cute cards! My favorite is the one with the bird, "Stop, Pray…be thankful. However, any of them would be a treat to win! Leanne

  6. These are so pretty, Leslie! I love your style. Love it! A favorite… that's a tough one. I like 'blessings'… and 'choose to shine'. Look at all that snow… wow!! 🙂

  7. These are all wonderful! But I think my favorite is the bright "bloom" one. We have been enjoying our wood burning stove too. Sounds like this storm hit most of Montana; we're quite a bit south of you. 🙂

  8. Leslie, you definitely have a gift for art! I'd love to be able to translate some of your ideas into fabric (my medium of choice) but unfortunately don't have your talent. My favourite is blessings, but I love bloom and joy as well – they are all gorgeous!

  9. Ooooh sooo beautiful!!! My favorite, if I absolutely much choose, would be the Christmas one. I could see framing it even and hanging it year after year!

  10. They're lovely little works, Leslie! I would love to win one. I may like the mittens and the little bird best but really would love any of them.

  11.! Those are all so pretty – I love your style!! I love notecards and the corrugated cardboard you mounted them on. This week did not allow for me to create anything – so your post is making me ache to create. Your little pots of paint are so pretty too! I wish I could freehand – but that is a gift my grandmothers had. I need straight lines.

  12. firstly you have snow…what a beautiful sight…i love your cards, they are all beautiful, but i especially fond of the flowers blessings and bloom and then the little bird that reminds us to stop and pray…thanks for the chance to win some lovely art…can just imagine you are going to have a creative weekend, seeing it is nicer t be in doors when it is so cold….we are heading for the beach 😉

  13. How can we choose a favorite – they are all gorgeous! Perhaps I Choose Joy could be my favorite, but then there are the mittens (adorable) and, and … Thank you for your generosity Leslie!

  14. Leslie, you just keep outdoing yourself! I LOVE these little cards and would be thrilled to win one of them!!! Any one of them would make me really happy… but my favorite would definitely be the Stop, Pray, Be Thankful Bird!!! Oh my! That Bird is so ME!!!

  15. Ok, looking again I'm thinking that one is NOT a gingerbread man leg, perhaps part of a flower?? But I would be all over a gingerbread man if you create that, too! And I'm digging the mittens and Christmas tree at a second glance. As I said, love it all. Can't go wrong with any of these! Are you making these into notecards?!! Hint, hint. 😉

  16. Oh, mercy. I'm a sucker for adorable notes!! I was literally just thinking as I read that I could never begin to choose! I love them ALL!!! Love the bird and the holly, the heart and gingerbread looking one… Love these all, really!!

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