My Watercolor Geraniums

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Geraniums.  Courtesy of the 2012 Summer Olympics!  I loved playing with my Peerless watercolors, in between cheering on the USA Women’s Volleyball – both court and on the beach. YAY USA.  I played college volleyball – and I love watching these pros play this game! 

I’m {finally} learning to leave ‘white’ on the page ~ a very important artistic concept to grasp!

Letting little ‘splats’ of color drip… {Leslie ~ leave them alone!}  And just let them be.  Then… have fun making them into ~ whatever you want!

Shading.  I’m trying to think in at least three’s – at least three shades of one color.  Light, Medium, and Dark.

Another important concept.  Contrast.  Adding black…

I added black with a fine point marker; Sharpie or Pitt Pen, either will do.  I like one that is permanent though, so it won’t bleed if I should decide to add more watercolor.

And then…

 adding white.

Magical-like white bits of opaqueness from a white-out pen!  Love it.   Random.  Scattered.  Transformed.  And for me, this just makes the whole piece.  It sparkles. 

One of the things I’m learning from my sketchbook, is that lesson of contrast, values, black and white.  And it adds visual interest that separates a piece from ‘okay’ – to “Wow.”  This is true whether it’s quilting, sketching, mixed media, or just art!

What do you think?  Do you agree?  Or have you found other key concepts work for you, even moreso?  I’d love to hear about them.  

Bless your DAY~

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  1. Thanks Jennifer! Yes, it is amazing what one little pen I used eons ago to 'erase' can do for our work now!!! Love how we're using every little thing in art, coffee… white out pens – love it!

  2. Ah Holly… you knew it, didn't you! Maybe this type of white out pen will work for you, if you haven't tried it… don't know how it works on fabric, probably absorbs too much… but it will be fun experimenting, won't it! Thanks my friend – enjoy your summery weekend – hopefully in the water or on the beach? That's where I'll be!

  3. Roxane – thank you; it's always fun to see where 'it's gonna go' and I never know for sure!! But I sure do enjoy the ride! Thank you for the sweet encouragement… I'd like to turn them into journal covers… one day!

  4. Well Miss Elle… I like how you think! Surprise, surprise! Sometimes I have no idea what it's gonna be… then sometimes I do! Thanks for the sweet encouragement ~ always!

  5. This is so pretty! I love the added bits of white… They just pop! Great idea to use three shades of a color. I really love that idea!

  6. I agree! A lot of my pieces that I feel aren't working, it's usually because of value and contrast. I find a nice line of black pen on paper or stitching on fabric pulls it together. I've tried numerous white pens and haven't found one that works well. I really the white out accents. I'll have to try it.
    I often make the mistake in my watercolors to not leave enough white.
    I love your page. The color is lovely and saturated . It's exuberant!

  7. If I wanted reality, then I'd just take a photograph and be done with it. I luv representational and you are capturing that effect perfectly. It is working with the drips that the serendipties happen and the art moves from good to great. Your Learn, Grow, Share, Create is being beautifully exemplified. I am reconciling contrast (I like low), value (my Achillies' heel) and black and white ( a balancing act for sure). You are really getting it! Wonderful!

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