#mymontana ~ #fieldsofgold in those big big skies ~ prairies and mountains

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hello ~ welcome {once again} to my favorite landscape venue… montana!

i do love {attempting} to capture just a tiny bit of God’s awesome glory in wheat fields… wildflowers, mountains n’ prairies… and those ever-so-glorious, wide-open, big skies.

there is almost always a surprise of landscape glory waiting, if you are looking for it!  and with the wheat fields starting to turn, and some late evening sun, it was a fun capture or two!

instagram is my favorite place to post my favorite photos instantly too, and discover many other’s grand captures of this amazing world we live in…

“mymontana” ~ is a lifelong experience… a growing up of sorts, if you will… of wandering, exploring, and wonder in dusty backroads, and often inconvenient… but ever-changing… sometimes brutal, sometimes sweet and peaceful, requiring one to be flexible and quickly adaptable if you want to truly see her wildness… and enjoy it.

as one quote has said, “she’s a sterling silver lady with gold dust in her veins.” — by rob quist ~ “a lady called montana”
these are some of my favorite searchable hashtags which i use for my own captures:


thanks for hangin’ out here in #mymontana
 for a little bit…
be blessed!
soli deo gloria

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  1. I always enjoy the photos of your beloved Montana. Can't you just imagine God drawing the landscape with His finger during creation.

  2. Les, thank you for sharing your beautiful world, I sure do miss it and wish I was there…but only during summer and fall months! Your photography is splendid and your captures are breathtaking! Thank you for taking the time and all the love your pour into everything you do!

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