Necessary Notion #3 – Buttonhole Cutter set

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This is a notion worth it’s weight in gold, in my opinion!  I have used it often, and it’s very effective, whether you want a decorative “hole” or desire to cut a buttonhole very professionally!  If you’ve ever tried cutting a buttonhole with your seam ripper, you know it can be a bit risky and challenging… to not only cut yourself, but not to rip through the end of the buttonhole.  This notion also makes cutting buttonholes on any of those knits, fleece, or other s t r e t c h y fabrics a breeze.  It also makes for a very lovely professional finish on a nice wool coat, and if you use this tool, you won’t have a “rippley’ buttonhole, which sometimes happen when you use your seam ripper, and isn’t very attractive.

This is the quilt where I first used this hand-dandy little tool.  I cut lots of satin ribbon and  leftover batik strips from this quilt.  It was a quilt I made over ten years ago, titled “April Angel.”   More on that another time.  Yes, I punched holes in the quilt, just above the binding.  Then I painstakingly threaded all the ribbons and fabric through each hole, tying an overhand knot.  I used a large, plastic, yarn-style needle to do the fabric/ribbon pulling… it took my at least a couple hours just to do that part.  But it was worth it.

Nothing new under the sun…but isn’t that fringe cool!?  

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