Necessary Notion PART 5 – “GLUELESS TAPE”

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Simple.  Unobtrusive.  Reusable. Necessary..

AND… very, very handy to have on hand. It doesn’t have glue; it’s like those vinyl window clings.  This self-cling tape which comes on a sturdy plastic roll is a great little notion to have.  Just cut it off the roll in the length you need, and wrap it around a spool of thread, overlapping the ends, which will stick to each other.  I recently saw it at Bernina Silver Thimble in a slimmer version too.  Neat way to wrap up ‘slick’ threads like GLITTER, especially because they don’t have a place where you can tuck in the thread end.  And when I toss my threads into a bag for class, they stay neat and tidy. I also use it to wrap up my thicker bobbin play threads too.  It helps to keep the dust off of the spools as well. 

I find it useful… and NECESSARY to a less chaotic studio or class!  Maybe you will, too!  And maybe you will find other great uses for it.

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    1. I purchased mine many, many years ago from my local quilt shop. Not sure it’s being sold as pictured here, as it has morphed into other products–ask your local quilt shop if they can get some for you!

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