Necessary Notions- PART 4 – 505 Spray HINTS and TIPS

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Whatever type of temporary adhesive spray you may prefer, they all come in quite handy in the quilt and/or art studio setting you are working in!
My personal favorite is 505 Temporary Adhesive spray.

Now this may seem like a “done deal” to you… but lately, in several of my classes, a few people have NOT known anything about temporary adhesive sprays.  

This particular product happens to be something akin to my “BFF” — to borrow the popular acronym these days!  LOL!  
I turn to this product to help me in layering quilt tops, batting, stabilizers-embroidery projects, paintstik rubbings and more.  From small projects like art quilts, fiber scarves and placemats to even setting a pocket (instead of pins!) on a slippery fabric surface.. .this is your ‘go-to-gal’ type of product!  (Assuming it’s a girl, not a boy!)
SAFE for machines.  (Recommended by Bernina)  KEEP IN MIND THESE TIPS HOWEVER:
  • always spray away from your machine… in a separate room, or area whenever possible.
  • don’t breathe the fumes, even though this product is labeled ‘safe’ or ‘non-toxic’ (which it is)
  • keep in mind, it’s temporary – so if you put it on something and don’t get back to your project within 2-3 days, it’s likely going to dissipate before you can finish what you intended.
  • if you find you still have sticky residue on rulers, or rubbing plates (paintstiks), you can wash it off fairly easily with soap and water… or there is another product that will dissolve the sticky residue.  I personally haven’t had to use this particular product (yet!).

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  1. Thanks Leslie. I used a spray adhesive to sandwich one of my "Japan" quilts this weekend. I was amazed at how well it held the three pieces together through the quilting process. I will definitely be using it again.

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