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There are SO many chalk pen accessories… supplies, types, forms and more, in the sewing and quilting world.  I’ve tried ALOT of them.  By FAR ~ the one I turn to the most in my sewing is the Sewline brand of chalk pencil.  It’s my all-time favorite.

In part, this pen is my favorite because I can DRAW with it so freely.  Just like a pencil, so easy to just lightly sketch with it, or get very specific line placement.  And most importantly — start over again – easily!  And the chalk line is easily removed with the wipe of a hand, or a little piece of leftover batting, or it’s own eraser.

The eraser is quite handy. I bought some extras (go figure) and they are real easy to replace, too. It just twists up as you need more.
And I have needed it.  

A Lot.

And when you purchase the pen, it includes replacement ‘chalk leads’ too.  

I have three colors on hand.  But the one I use most often, is the white.

It’s been such a valuable tool for me.  Tomorrow I’ll show the little mug rug I made using this Chalk pen.

Sooo… how about you?  What’s your fave chalk pen tool or accessory?

Be a blessing to someone today and have a great one!

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  1. I absolutely agree about this marking pencil. It is hands down the best I have ever used. I started with the pink one, got a yellow one and now have a white one. I want to get the blue too as the colors I have aren't bright enough on very light colors. I use the pink one most of all. It seems to show up on most of the fabrics I like to work with.

  2. Absolutely love this pen!! They are hard to find in stores. I need to get the colored refills. I have several marking tools but enjoy using this more than the others.

  3. Cool Pen for sure, i haven't ever seen it either, i have been using the little white chalk chip for years. Thanks Leslie & Miss Georgia too!

  4. Excellent! I have a chalk marker and I've often thought one like a drawing pencil would be the best. Mine has a little wheel that is great for lines but it isn't that adaptable for smooth written lines.

  5. I have a few of those pencils too and they work great! I also use Clover's white liquid pen that irons off completely, but of course, it is not the best tool for white backgrounds. For my stitcheries I have begun using the Frixion gel pens. They glide on easily and with a very thin line, easy to cover with embroidery floss, and disappears completely when touched with an iron. I understand they can leave a thin waxy line on dark colors and they can reappear if the item gets very cold, like putting it into a freezer. Since I don't put my quilts in a freezer, this is not a problem for me :*) However, perhaps it would not be best to use if the line will not be completely covered with embellishment of some sort. I am careful how I use them, but then that is true of all my tools :*)

  6. Thanks for sharing this. I hadn't seen that chalk pencil before. I have another brand but it's thicker chalk, which is awkward to use because you can't get a fine enough line. I will have to try the Sewline one. I have been looking for a good marking pen/pencil for years. Seems like nothing was that great for me because either I couldn't see the markings, they wouldn't come off easily or they came off too easily like when I was quilting and I couldn't see the markings anymore at all, or the pens would dry up and i got very little use out of them, etc.

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