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good morning glories ~

for many of us, autumn is our favorite season, for many reasons. one of them being the riot of color that decorates the trees in the rich colors of leaves as they turn.  the wind has pretty much taken most of the color off of our montana trees now, but i was excited to capture them in their full glory just a few weeks ago, as we were provided with stellar, scenic autumn glory in a recent trip to glacier park this fall!  

and that’s how this new piece was inspired… and one day last week, it just popped into my head, and so out came a flowery fused, bright and bold collage of my interpretation of those pretty autumn scenes from our trip:  

to fuel my inspiration, i began with one of my most and favorite and talented fabric dye artists…  miss vicki welsh.  there was no question of where i would turn to begin this vision in my head.  it led me straight to her gorgeous hand dyed “blue sky” that was absolutely ‘picture perfect’ for my montana big sky!

the blue gradient is darker at the top of the sky, and lighter as it fades downward.  

i added tiny bits of sparkle with angelina fibers. {and my pattern gives instructions on how to use them}…  a tiny hint of sparkle here and there…  just like the sunshine sparkles on those leaves as they rustle in the dappled sunshine and shadows. 

those aspen trees?  they are from  hoffman california international fabrics, a screen print fabric called “woodsy winter.” i made my classic round christmas placemats with it, and the leftovers were perfect for this project! i fused the fabric and cut the trees for my background.  my pattern also provides directions and the tree shapes drawn to actual size so you can cut them out of any “tree fabric” you decide to use to make your own masterpiece! 

i share lots of my tips and hints in my patterns.  and for this one, i used mostly medium scale flowers, which are approximately 4-5″ in diameter.  just a few large ones, which i placed at the very top, and then lots of smaller ones!  

i’d say there were at least 150-200 flowers here.  {yes i have a large stash of cut flowers!}  yay!  because… that’s how you can have the most fun!  having a great variety to pick from made this … well… a walk in the woods!! lol

finally, here’s the whole view!  you can really see how gorgeous the hand dyed “blue sky” fabric is here.  there is just something so lovely about a backdrop of pretty leaves in their dressed-up best in purple, reds… oranges… pinks and yellows!

the pattern is written, and i’m lovin’ the new laser printer that provides a beautiful, color-true and picture perfect color copy  and incredibly clear photo for my patterns!  you can see the details!  i’m so excited about this!!   in my pattern, i also share my binding tips, color and scale choices, how to use fusible, and the line drawing will also indicate where to cut a curvy line if you’d like to finish it in that manner, too!

the finished size of my piece is about 21″ wide x 36″ long.  

and for a limited time, until november 1, 2015 you can order this pattern from my etsy shop at 25% off!  coupon code:  GLORY25. it will also be available locally, too, of course, at the quiltAway here in great falls, and the sewing palace bernina in helena.

thanks for coming by. happy, glorious, AUTUMN GLORY to you all!
soli deo gloria!

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  1. Your work is just amazing as always Leslie ! Your so right about Vicki's fabric….it's perfect for the big Montana sky !I need to be sitting at night in front of the TV cutting flowers….is that what you do ? (I've been such a slacker lately….as in for several months).

  2. I had to turn the heat on for the first time this morning. 65 degrees inside is a little nippy! Autumn is here for a little while at least. This pattern is beautiful as always.

  3. What printer do you use?? I'm looking for a 2nd one that would be of better quality. Also (maybe a silly question), when I went to your Etsy shop, the prices were not in US dollars (British!). Please, clue me in….or am I misreading it??
    I love the Autumn collage and the "riot of color" is precisely the attraction (my stash would yield much!!!!). Thanks for posting!!!!!!!

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