new born again crosses ~

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i always enjoy making these. “born again” quilts, that become crosses fashioned from older paper quilts. 

similar to the process of one who has spoken the divine yes to Jesus.  when we die to self, we are born again.  the old is gone, and the new has come!  alleluia!

from old life to new~
from broken to whole ~

all of it dying to self. allowing a new life {His} to spring forth in us, just like living water bubbles up and out, so can our lives when the Holy Spirit comes to live within, bringing us everlasting, overcoming life, and sweet refreshment to each of us.

this particular cross is a favorite. it was cut up from a snowflake styled paper quilt, in which i’d embedded a hand-written note from my sweet friend and art teacher, katie twedt.  although she is gone, the love she spent and invested in me is not.  

thank God.  and… i’m so grateful.

she was so very special…  and perhaps i will have a room next to hers in heaven. 

God blessings abundant to you!
in His Glory and Grace
Soli Deo Gloria

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  1. What a beautiful message of love you have today. Sandwiching a note from your friend in the cross makes it special in more ways than one.

  2. It's beautiful and all the thoughts of your mentor and friend that are part of it, make it even more special. xox

  3. I won't need a room! I'll be hanging out at the textile and tapestry studio! Endless creativity, who could sleep!!! ;~)

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