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Ah… feels so good.  Our office space is nearly finished.  Brian and I have been working towards a reorganization of our office for this past summer and fall.  And we (that would be Brian!) got the desks put together… after the store gave us the wrong mis-matched pieces (sigh), and we got that mess straightened out.  Finally…. after much moving in and out of all the ‘stuff’ we had stuffed into this room, we’re done.  It’s good to clean up, and clean out!   And now we’re settling in.  At least I am!  And it feels so much better than working from a cardboard table!

 This is my new desk!  It’s a pleasant spot to think, contemplate, write and be organized.  (instead of on a cardboard table, like before!) 

 Just a few of my favorite books, right at my fingertips. Just turn, lift up a cupboard, or slide to everything I need for supplies, books, photographs, software.  As well as the printer, and a favorite lamp that reflects just the right amount of light. 

 The walls are a bit empty for now.  And who knows… I love to rearrange, but it won’t be the desks, that’s for sure!  We each have one.  Wonderful sale at Staples this summer; buy one, get one free.  (Never mind about the customer service). So now we are set up for business, for writing, or blogging!  And it’s blue and yellow, two of my favorite color combos.  A spot or two for a couple quilts, too!  And lots of pictures of the family. Maybe I will even try some patchwork, to make a few curtains?!  Hmm…

 I enjoy sitting at my desk now.  Although it’s a small room, I think we’ve got it set up just about as good as it ever could be without custom building, and a loan that would break the bank.  It’s the right height, and everything I need is at my fingertips.  And I love the cozy feeling the little stained glass lamp inspires.

I’ve got some posts coming up that I hope will answer some of the questions you’ve asked me lately about where/how/why about embellishment.  I have found those books, and will get them photographed, so stayed tuned in for some great resources.  And Christmas… yes, I’ve been trying to get in some time on those projects. November 1st, here we come!

Have a great week!!  Peace In Him.

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  1. Corner windows, mellow yellow, matching desks,a diagonally positioned rug, books and a 'puter. Wonderful. I can see you smiling away in the glow of that pretty light. Chillax away!

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