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Spring Greetings My Friends!

Oh goodness… this blog ~ I know it’s been awhile! 

Internet issues have really discouraged me from blogging much ~ taking hours upon hours to load photos, and then, way too often ~ the uploads would lose the internet connection and I’d have to start over… so not. Long story short ~ we have a new internet provider.  Onward~and upward… always!

In the meantime, I’ve been happily teaching collage classes, involved in Bible Study Fellowship, creating collages, quilting, traveling to see family, grandkids, camping, and well…

you all know ~ life at the speed of life!

Today is the day to tell a new story!  And I believe that’s a pretty great way to think about every day we get to wake up to! A new day ~ a new story to tell!

And that’s the inspiration behind my newest pattern. It also answers the “age old” {LOL} question regarding the washability of fused flowers/fabrics.  And secondly, I wanted to make  a cuddle ya up kind of quilt,  using fused text/word fabric, to encourage kids {or anyone} to tell their story— or a new one, using their imagination to make it special and share it with a loved one. The fused words in the quilt encourage stories, but can also teach pronunciation, spelling, and more.   A quilt with engaging, fun elements to encourage and uplift any loved one ~ whether it’s told by a grandchild, parent, grandparent, or friend… in any stage of life, or in any season of life’s challenges.

The “washing” issue.  Well, I’ve washed these quilts, and I love how they’ve turned out!  Love the nubby goodness of cuddly texture that we all love quilts for. The {properly} fused flowers will all wash just great! Be sure to steam thoroughly in the end process {not when initially fusing fabric to the fusible web}. I kept the quilting style loose and free, so it would keep it’s softness and drape.  And the fused flowers — yes… to some degree, varying with the fabric weave, some of the edges will fray ever so slightly, and probably a bit more with time.  But take note!  This is more an issue of the weave of the fabric, than a raw edge fused appliqué problem.  For me ~ you guessed it ~ this is NOT a problem!  I personally like a bit of a frayed edge, and I think it’s add a lovely feel, and and very loved look to this sweet quilt!!

And as for other inspiration ideas ~ consider… trucks, tents, campfires, cowboys…cowboy hats… princesses… crowns… hammers or tractors!  Owls… otters… and other sweet animals ~ alphabet letters ~ even embroidered motifs ~ butterflies… you get it right? Easily fused, cut out and appliquéd onto any fabric for the background and you’ve got a sweet masterpiece to share with someone special!!  Of course, as always, the creative possibilities are endless!

It doesn’t always have to be about flowers ~ right?!!

This pattern contains two sizes too!  The smaller size is a lap quilt 54″ square. The second is more of what I call a mini-twin, at 72″ long by 64″ wide.  And the other cool thing?  This pattern is now available as digital download on my Etsy site!! No cost for shipping!  I truly hope this appeals to many customers, and of course, who doesn’t like instant gratification?  But if printing isn’t your thing {and it wasn’t for me for many years} then the paper version is also available, on etsy here.  The pattern also includes two pics and detail photos of the two different versions of this pattern!

The first background is the newest Moda “Grunge Dots” in a creamy white/taupe/gray dot.  The second background is called “Literary” by Heather Givens.  And I fused and cut apart fabrics with text in them that I loved!  One of those is Sweetwater’s line of fabric {for Moda} that is called “Sunday Supper” and I particularly enjoyed the “amazing grace” lyrics that were in this fabric.

Here is the twin size with the “literary” fabric:

and the lap size at 54″ square with the Moda Grunge dot background:

Carpe Diem!  Seize the day!  And I always enjoy adding in extra fused goodies with every order.  Thanks so very much for hanging in there with me, and feel free to share this post with love from me!

The Lord bless your day!

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  1. Can’t wait to get my pattern. I really love this and my great granddaughter will too. With the hints made here I probably will make my great grandson one too.

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