{New} Puppy Love ~

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hi there~!

no… we are not getting another dog ~ {but i want to!}  

these are the latest pics from the litter that was born six weeks ago ~ brothers and sisters to our Georgia!

i promised to take some pics and post a few to facebook… trying to get the word out, and hopefully help find some good ranch-style homes for these sweettempered border collie pups! 

boy was it fun!  {i swear i could live on puppy dog kisses!} lol

now this is quite the face{see below} i call him “yoda”  {may the border collie force be with you!}  lol!  he is quite a character… don’t let the face fool ya!  he actually has two blue eyes, and you can see them much better in the last photo on the post. he has a spot on his head, too. what a handful he is going to be!  {his little nose was dirty with sawdust!}

they are sweet, friendly, and soooo funny!  i have such a good time!!  oh gosh… my hubby patiently waited while i took many, many pictures!

and take a look at this doll face ~ sweet, newborn baby calf born in the snowstorm the night before… getting warmed up in the same shop where the pups are.  i call it “early border collie training!”

some will be smooth coated, and others long. 

sam, the mom… taking it easy!  she has raised some very healthy, and good-lookin’ pups.  they are so so chubby!!!  and such shiny coats. 

it was a tail-waggin’ good ol’ time!!!  {and yes…. they’re all for sale!}  all eight!

well… weekend fun over.  time to get back to work!

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  1. Man oh man it's a good thing I don't live closer!!!!!! I would definitely be scooping one of those adorable blue-eyed, four-legged babies for sure!!!!!! Some day, not now:( boo hoo

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