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Well–who knew?  Ahhh… {Raising My Hand} —

“I know–I know!”  God–Yes. HE knew!

Recently, a friend messaged me asking if I had some of my watercolor cards available for purchase, as many of her friends needed to be lifted up in a difficult time–the time we know as Sheltering in Place, or COVID-19. I usually don’t offer them for purchase.  

But.  God whispered–Yes, Leslie, Yes. Do it. You need “this” too…

 Who among us doesn’t need more–Faith?  Joy? More Love? More Hope? More Encouragement, and More. of. God.

For such a time as this… or Anytime. For any life. Any person. All. The Time.  There is always at time of devastation of all kinds in this world–and so there is NO BETTER TIME to Consider It All Joy–and spread it generously! Like when I spread a nice, thick chunk of butter on a freshly baked piece of bread hot out of the oven!  Ahhh–there ya go–the BREAD of LIFE–that’s what I’m talkin’ bout!  Eat It. Breathe it. Soak it in like melted butter on bread–His Bread–Your Heart. Let it spread generously in the deep recessses of your Heart.  God’s Word never returns void!  Never!!

I have found such joy in remembering these awesome promises of–faith–love–and JOY as I hand letter and contemplate God’s Word as these cards are created–breathing in the King of Kings and Lord of Lords–The Great Promise Keeper of  Love and Abounding Grace.

As my paints spread over the wet, absorbent surface of these cards–they  become a Living Water that quenches my thirst, filling up my heart as I abide in Him.  And Peace. A calm meditation of sweet  hours contemplating  The Living Word, as I look up scripture and think: “oh! that is sooo good!”  And so… simply–the art of His Word that God grows in my heart is precious. It takes root, causing my heart to grow in thankfulness. And when a heart is thankful and filled up, there’s NO ROOM for despair, fear or worry.  Christ died and ROSE AGAIN to make us free from ALL. OF. *THAT.* Filling up with Christ means there is an overflowing cup.  And out of that overflow–is how we build each other up, with encouragement from God’s Word. It’s the Only Way. The Truth. The Life. The world has always torn down–visciously and consistently.  But God–His Word–His Saints–we BUILD UP! We Are to Love with a Radical Love–and build upon a strong foundation of Christ!  HE and He Alone is the SOLID ROCK upon which we STAND. Strong. Sure. And Persevering.

Through Faith Alone. By Grace Alone. In Christ Alone.

Bonus! Really–there’s just something about just writing it out yourself!  No computer. No phone. Just my hand, mind, heart and–my pen and paper. And increase in focus, memory and ya know what happens then–it goes deeper into one’s heart!  {God Promises!}

Ya know–it kinda reminds me of when, as children, {you or I} were perhaps punished when we did wrong–and had to write, “I will not ____.” {100 times} on a blackboard!  I know–I know. Not only do I date myself, but I’ll tell ya this much–it was very effective–and memorable. 

That same kind of action is one of the ways in which HE works in us–when we draw close to Him–through His Holy Word–in study–prayer, and in becoming Love in Action!  Amen–Amen!! 

It is my prayer these cards encourage–lift you UP higher and higher! That He will feed your Soul as you meditate on the Overflowing, Never-Ending Cup of Grace, Mercy and Love of a Great God.

Our Perfect, Sovereign, and Mighty I AM.  

 I welcome custom orders for a particular scripture request, color story or variety pack of five cards. Find my current selection in the shop, in the Watercolor Cards Section.

Oh–and these are so sweet framed as well.  They each come with a white envelope, and room for writing a dear note of encouraging love on the back to anyone GOD HAS PUT ON YOUR HEART.  

Yes.  There will be Miracles.


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  1. Hi! Leslie, I just love your cards! I am doing the same thing with cards and putting a mask inside of the card. What watercolor pens are you using? I live near a Tuesday Morning and I’ve purchased everything they sell and I am willing to share card stock and possibly watercolor pens.

    Where are you located?

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