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hello  ~ 

during this time of the winter’s peak in montana, i most often find myself, eager to come home from work, and curl up in the chair, with a big lap desk and my watercolors spread out!  {it’s a little risky for a messy girl like me} but with -29 degrees, it’s a cozy way to spend the evening. 

and so… i’m experimenting, learning, and growing in the nuances of color washes, runs and drips!  here are a few samples of my “work” {i use that term lightly here!}, just in time for valentine’s day.  i ordered a box of 100 strathmore watercolor cards, 5×7″ in size, and have been happily using them up!  these cards feature twinkling h20’s watercolors and they are incredibly bright, with a beautiful touch of sparkle.  i do have a tendency to “drench” the paper {sometimes too much} but it’s all a really fun learning curve, and i get to practice some hand lettering, too.  all of which is done with either a pitt pen, or a unipen, which is just a flat black, waterproof pen.

the last one is my most favorite and i do so enjoy adding the hand-lettering, but i really dig that orange and blue combo together.  

thank you for stopping by, i hope you have a bright, {warm} and cozy evening {or day}. 

soli deo gloria ~

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  1. Pretty, prettier, and prettiest! I love all the colors and your lovely lettering, good job Leslie! Lovely heart shapes, and beautiful scripture! Blissful Blessings!

  2. These are lovely, Les. I'm really liking a sketchy line for a border and I can't wait for the twinkling H2O lesson! I'm messy, too so pass on any anti-dripping techniques! lol

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