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hello and happy thanksgiving week america!

to help me forget how long it was taking at the pharmacy to get my antibiotics last week, i picked up a “quilting quickly” magazine by fons and porter to pass some time.  i’d not seen this particular one, and as i thumbed through it, several projects caught my eye… and i thought it was worthwhile enough to purchase…. and {perhaps!} actually make one of them:

the first one?  these cute little checkerboard ‘swedish ornaments’ ~ and i made one {so far!}  nothing to brag about, that’s for sure.  but they are simple enough, and ‘no-sew’ essentially.

i do like the simple weaving, and the pattern says you can put candy and little goodies in them too.  i think they would probably be cute for valentines day, or even easter, in pastel wools, of course!

i decided to trace the pattern onto template plastic. to keep it handy, i’ll staple it to the pattern page, and then tear out those pages, and place them in a plastic sleeve which will go into a three-ring binder i keep for magazine patterns i want to keep. 

the next project was this ‘wedge tree’ using triangles.  now there is nothing much new under the sun, but for some reason, this simple project appealed to me as i thought about i could add lots of different embellishment ideas to this simple layout!

and it was just the kickstart i needed to thumb through some christmas fabrics i purchased earlier this summer while on vacation with my girlfriends.  ‘in from the cold’ by kate spain for moda is one my new favorites!  i’m making the classic round placemats from these combos, but i’m sure there will be enough for some scrappy goodness, and the patterns in this magazine.

and the last one is a half-hexy project.  hmm.  that’s three projects i like enough… to lay out the $10 for.  {so that’s the justification for how it came home with me!}

have you found some new projects, or magazine articles, patterns or other ideas that are jump-starting your christmas-making this season?   i’d love to hear…!


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