Noel ~ A {Merry} New Quilt Pattern!

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Hi friends!  It’s been awhile since I’ve updated my blog–but my heart and hands have been full!  I’ve got a new pattern to show you–loosely based on a pallet board project I made last year! Can I just say–THIS. Was So Much FUN!!! Especially since my husband made it for me according to my specs–thanks honey!  I actually took my fused fabric elements and ironed them straight to this board! And this is a good time to say this–it’s done way easier with a cordless iron!  I purchased the wooden letters too, traced & reversed each one, and then transferred them to Steam a Seam Lite 2 and plaid fabric, fused and cut them out.  Easy Peasy. Anyone can do this!  This would be fun with the help of a child too… the fusible elements are just another kind of sticker–although you may have to peel off the paper for younger kiddos–let them stick them down~however it works out for you!

So why not take that inspiration and make it into a quilt and pattern!  I say… YES!  And since plaid is one of my favorite things {being of Scottish & Irish blood myself}–that was where I began. And then I painted the pallet boards with a bit of light black/gray paint, and sanded it a bit to distress it.  The letters were glued on with wood glue or even a hot glue will do.  Then the flowers and all the pre-fused Christmas-style elements were added!

It’s become a beautiful holiday favorite.  If you wanted this to be outside, then I recommend using a fabric stabilizer like fused vinyl on the letters.  {My photograph was just to take advantage of the snow scene in my front yard–this piece stays indoors in our home!}




Trace Letters {the pattern already has reversed them for you} placing the paper pattern underneath the Steam a Seam Lite 2 fusible web.


Cut away the traced letters in big chunks, peel off the backing paper and place on the diagonal direction of the fabric you’ve chosen–specially if it’s a plaid.

Remove release paper from back of each letter, and carefully place on a piece of PRE-FUSED red contrast accent fabric. {see pic below}


Option: use a bright silver pre-fused fabric instead of red for letters that have a lot of red and black in them!

The pattern covers the piecing and fusing… the cutting and placement… and all the instructions, FULL-SIZE letters, full-color photo illustrations as seen above {and more}, PLUS– all REVERSED for you!  What a fun, beautiful quilt for the Christmas season!

Available here on the Website Shop in the pattern section, and also on Etsy!  Buy NOEL here or here.

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      Hi Janis, this pattern does not list the designers as they are now out of stock. However, I have just made up a new kit—check out the kit section of the shop here on the website where there are photos of the fabrics—-very similar in style and color and motif. The kit is $70 which has a background fabric {white with black writing} and red plaid fabric for the letters, and the original florals & snowflakes with a black/white binding, red/white print/green/black print for rectangle borders.

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