Northern Lights No. 2 ~

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Oh. Goodness.  Time to catch up!

I tell ya, I love finishing up projects, and that’s exactly what I’ve {mostly} been up to these beautiful summer days.  While gardening, photography, vacation at the lake, and camping are high favorites, I also make it my goal to clean up and organize my sewing space, and finish up at least three ‘come back to ya later’ projects!!  Sometimes… they are really languishing {like 9 years or more} and sometimes just a few months, to one year.  I am a quilter/sewer who LOVES LOVES variety, and so I switch back and forth at random it seems… this piece is no exception.  I started it a few summers ago, and just couldn’t decide/be inspired on how to finish it.  Well this was the summer, and I made myself commit to it and get it finished, and what do ya know?  I LOVE how it turned out.  This is Northern Lights No. 2.  {and it’s been listed in the etsy shop, too}.

To go back to the beginning, this was a piece I personally hand painted and dyed, using Dye-na-flow paints and a prepared-for-dye white fabric, purchased from Dharma Trading Co.  It was the summer I mostly painted my legs with dye at times, and it was a GREAT time for me!  I loved doing it, and this piece was one of the favorites of that little dyeing session out in my back yard.  I quilted it with bobbin play {Razzle Dazzle by Superior Threads} as well as Magnifico {100% polyester thread} and did my best to add quilting texture and movement changing up with straight lines and ribbons, Angelina fibers, yarn… feathers, circles, and even a small piece of patchwork/media work tucked in the center space {it’s a flowing golden yellow/green teardrop shaped piece}.  Additionally I added hand dyed yarn in a swirly motif using my Bernina Foot #43, the free motion couching foot… one of my favorites, too!

The full piece is the first picture, and then the detail shots follow…  Come in ~ take a close up peek with me won’t you?

  And that’s the beginning of my summer adventures… more to come!  Hey, in case you’d like to, come follow my Facebook page, “MarveLes Art Studios and  on instragram {marveles} because its just great fun for me to share my spontaneous art life there!  Happy Summer Days to you all!

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