Nuttin’ for Christmas ~

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Hi there and Merry Christmas! 

Why not?  You know that as a quilter-sewer, November is pretty last minute for this kind of stuff!

I had a little help… from my UFO pile, {and more thoughts that go a bit deeper when it comes to UFO’S!} Anyway, I made this a couple years ago.  And as a side note, I cut my free motion teeth {so to speak!} on  Montana’s designer McKenna Ryan’s Pine Needle patterns… back in the day! {1998}. I made lots of these kinds of wall hanging quilts as a beginner, and loved every one of them.  Still do!

I was totally delighted to also find the two little stockings, cut, and mostly finished, just needing to be stitched up.  {I had forgotten I’d done them}

 I quickly edge-stitched most of the pieces, all free-motion, of course.  I added silver GLITTER for some of the snowy pieces {love it}.

 YLI in a soft, pastel variegated cotton, for snow and sky.

 And Superior’s Tri-lobal “Rainbows” in a very woody, variegated tan, black and brown, and another in a golden-rust color for the quilting on the nuts, wood fence, and tree  branches.

 Then to quilt the border.  I did loose, wide-open poinsettia shapes, taking my cue from the batik border print.  But… it did need a little somethin’-somethin’ don’tcha think?!

 Wasn’t too thrilled with the solid red thread in an attempt to make it look like  berries… so they were ripped out.

 Didn’t care for the red buttons, either.  They were way too distracting, as they were too large… if I had had maybe teensy tiny red buttons, and grouped them in three’s… but after a thorough search through the button jar… no go!

 So, yes, the final result is beads.  I love them~ they are my favorite thing about this quilt, well… besides the super-adorable Christmas Stockings!


Another finish {just a mere 3-4 years later!}

 “Nuttin’ for Christmas”
pattern by McKenna Ryan
Quilting and embellishments by Leslie McNeil
Soli Deo Gloria! 
Don’t forget to enter my Give-A-Way from yesterday’s post.. and yes, I used them on this entire project, too. 
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  1. Well, darn. I need to check out that old ufo pile but I doubt I have anything sew cute! YES! Luv the beads. and the stockings, and the squirrel. Oh, the acorns. LOL Very nice finish. In time for snow???

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