oh deer daisy ~ collage quilt

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morning out here y’all ~  greetings!

oh dear.  

and oh deer!  

yes, i know. it’s an old story with a new contemporary take.  collage quilts.  i’m addicted just like a puzzle maker.  and the funny thing is this.  i don’t really like puzzles!  nope.  never have.  but this kind of puzzle?  YES.  i’m definitely ‘all in’ and quite enamored.

the inspiration comes from a montana quilt and fiber artist; laura heine.  she’s such a talent, and my heart palpates with heady excitement every time i get a chance to walk into her quilt shop: fiberworks.  check out all her cool designs online in a pattern of collage subjects that includes a bear, horse, giraffe, elephant, fox… and more!  this is the oh deer pattern and i also purchased the coordinating kit, which was well worth it.  there is a price to pay for understanding a well-coordinated selection of fabric scale, and color design, and it was of great value because unless you are able to take a class, the kit at least helps you “find the path” to placement for an effective and attractive collage; not to mention the amount of time it would take one to pick all of these out!  note: laura offers this as a class on march 7th, of this year!  she also travels a great deal, too, so if you are at a major national quilt show, no doubt you can view her designs “for real!”

please know there are many hours of cutting, and although my hands get a little stressed…so totally worth it.  and know too, there are many hours in playing, placing, and well… you know! the key is definitely having a lot of variety in fused fabric shapes to work with {and to begin with} in these collages.

i named my collage “oh deer daisy” {even though “she” has horns!}  and i am in love with it, and so very excited to explore this technique more.  yup.  already got several more of these projects with laura’s patterns in the hopper!

once again, simple “straight line” quilting wins the day on this fairly large piece; about 43″ square {more or less}.  you gotta be patient tho… i took the time to roll up the sides, in each direction, and it does get bulky even under my 830 bernina sewing bed.

the fiberworks phone is 406-656-6663

painstakingly cut is a larger “feathery” type of border, cut from a piece of a batik, fused with fusible web and then ironed on after the all the background fabrics were pieced.  love the look and texture of it; {worth every bit of the almost two hours it took me}.

i love the background fabrics laura chose in particular; the ‘deer print’ in the background is perfect.  and my little darling ‘deer’ stuffies {purchased over 15 years ago now} don’t quite match in color tone, but i like the overall look of it {and that’s all that counts!}

had a great time!  {hope you did too!}

thanks for stopping in to see what i’ve been up to!  and {still} happy new year!
soli deo gloria!

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  1. Isn't that an inspired design idea and fun to make as well. It's hard to quilt straight lines, it gets so boring; I guess a good audio book might ameliorate the tedium somewhat.

  2. oh MY! very nice. Collage was a long ago luv and I need to start dating again. 😉 I'm off to check out your inspiration as I'm really liking the imagery and colour play!

  3. What a fabulous pattern and you made it shine in your own version. Talented lady that Laura Heine. xox

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