on golden {prairie} pond ~ an april montana morning

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morning ~ 

indeed, it was a frosty one, just last week.  but you wouldn’t know it from the warm glow of that glory sky.

i caught only a glimpse of it from my city windows… but my soul beheld what it could be… so, still in my pj’s, i pulled on the necessities: socks, shoes, a coat, and grabbed my camera.

ahhh yes.  this is it.  this is what my soul was craving. some quiet moments on the frosty spring prairie are precious and fleeting.  i know this, and quickly make the turn off the main highway, heading east looking to the highwood mountains.

 the farm grounds are sweetly quiet. much like the soul waiting for it’s easter breakthrough, a light straight through the dark…

anticipation floats in the big sky.  i can feel it as my shoes crunch through gravel, and crunchy frosty grass…  

the quansets and shops are still, at least for the moments of these early morning april days.  seeding plans at the next opportunity are ready to dance and prance as soon as that soon-to-be-tilled soil dries.

 renewing ~ and renewable. in God’s great time-table. the easter present that always keeps giving.

my eye can’t help but see the green come up through the golden hope of the sun, reflecting the chilly morning’s dew, and last summer’s dried grass.  {just like our easter hearts?}

the snow that made it’s weight well known for a goodly winter’s season portion is begrudgingly pulling back it’s winter cape from the rolling prairie landscapes.

be still.  know.  fall into Him. 
He is {always} there. 

even the geese and ducks enjoy their icy spring plunges in the chilly, golden field’s wheat ponds.

 except ~ where the ice still has it way, and reflects the coming of it’s last days under the new morning sun rising.

oh yes.  golden stillness.  and we wait. 

to begin again.  

boundless hope ~ makes it’s way.

Soli Deo Gloria.

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  1. oh, Les! Thanks for taking me with you on this awesome morning entrance into glory! I rested and I am waiting to rest again. A Purely Pleasant Present!

  2. Gorgeous photos and beautiful thoughts. The past few days our sun has had a special clarity that makes our mountains and fields just glow. Really nice. Have a great week ahead!

  3. Ahhhhh the beauty that surrounds us….we need to stop more often and appreciate what has been given to us!! Thanks for the reminder via your pictures!!

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