on to egg mountain ~ rocky mountain front

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hi folks ~

we never made it to “egg mountain” ~  we chose to take another trail instead, into the “ear mountain” area… but it was a fabulous view from the top of this overlook.  we will just have to go back and take in the dinosaur tour another day!

 i was surprised at how i had forgotten some of this history of the paleontologists, and that the maiasaura was the state fossil of montana… guess that tells ya that dino’s are not my kind of high interest subject!!

sure did love seeing all the delicate spring flowers everywhere.  this looks like a wild rose type.

 and we took a quick little break at the campground at eureka lake.  not hardly a breeze, and the water was super clear – very nice.

 and the bright sun!  how do you like our self portrait?!! i’m winkin’ at ya!! lol

and that vista of row upon row of mountains ~ so much to see…

 and ah yeah… i have a thing for these cross fences!  i just love their form and traditional look  in the landscape. they definitely have character, and special ‘old-fashioned’ look.

more to come… thanks for staying on the ride with us!  if you haven’t seen some of our glorious views, i hope you can take a few minutes to check it out here, and here over the past couple days.  happy saturday!  tomorrow’s winner of the vicki welsh gradient fabric giveaway announced tomorrow!
soli deo gloria!

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  1. As always, I love your photography! I believe the wild rose may be a Nootka rose. They grow all over the countryside in my part of the world. The mountain/meadow vistas you have photographed are gorgeous!

  2. Our wild roses are out. Lovely summer smell. You guys look great and here is winking back at you. I'm not into dinosaurs myself. What day do you figure they show up on??? lol And I've never seen cross fences. ??? Great tour!

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