our montana rocky mountain front ~ boots ~ gates n’ patriots ~

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morning pardner!

take off those boots!  and … decorate a fence post or two!

not unusual, i’ve seen it done before… but it is always fun to see…   boots nailed to a fencepost for a little country humor, and … just a bit of decorative impact?!!  you bet i had to stop and take a few shots of this amusing rural scene. 

and then we came to the old north trail sign in our journey, which i’d never seen before.  very cool!

“where nomadic tribes crossed  the bering strait 10,000 years b.c. from foreign lands and traveled south to cnetral america to father the indian race, i was called “The Travois Trail” by the indians, and later pondera trail {pronounced ‘pawn-da-ray’} by the outlaws and other travelers.”

pretty dang cool sign, huh?

 and once again, another surprise along the backroads.

amusing that it is still preserved, and impressive, and yes, even a little bit tender, i think.  to consider what dreams this little piece of homestead and it’s gate may have represented in this harsh climate and challenging landscape…

yes. yes i would!  i’d love a private drive like this one… 
very much!

oh my montana… and america the beautiful! how very blessed we are to live in this country.

soli deo gloria

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