Over the Hedge!

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I’ve always loved sweet peas.  Sunday morning it was 6am and 60 degrees.  I was out on the patio with my coffee.  (more it’s having my creamer with a bit of coffee).  It Was Perfect.  Truly beautiful.  Peaceful.  No wind.  Perfect.  Have I said perfect enough?  This is what I love about summer.  Mornings.  Quiet ones.  Warm ones!  The sun is coming up “over the hedge.”

 I slipped out to the backyard and snipped a few shoots…

 And then shot a few snips!  I nabbed this pretty little vase I’ve had in the cupboard waiting JUST for the Sweet Peas of August!

 Gorgeous view, the sun and the sweet peas.  I enjoyed the play of light immensely.

 I have a new camera, a Canon DSLR (late birthday and mother’s day gift!)  Make that Christmas too.  (And next year’s celebrations by the way!) 

 Amazing blurry color!  I don’t know what I did to get it… but I hope I can get it again… soon!

 Thank you Lord, for a beautiful morning.  Precious!

It’s time for the Sweet Pea Festival which happens in Bozeman, MT the first weekend in August.  It’s quite the craft and art show, eatery, fun and games for the kids.  
Be blessed in your week!

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  1. Beautiful photos. The blurry effect comes from the distance the pedals of from each other. If you focus on a pedal that is i.e. in the middle of the blooms, the focus will be on that spot; the pedals closer or farther from the focal point will be blurred; you can hold the focus point by holding the shutter button down about half way. I have only three focus points on mine camera, but I am quite sure that your newer model has many more than that.

    Love, Dad

  2. What pretty sweet peas, I didn't get to plant any this year.Love the sweet pea festival at Bozeman, we try to go , but this year the Bozeman family is coming here same week-end,so all is good. Congrats on the new camera, I would love one, but am saving for a new sewing machine, so will have to wait. It is hot here already and humid, feels like Oklahoma. Have a blessed day. Gaile

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