Painted Cork Blooms ~ new pattern

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Happy Almost Summer!

It’s a perfect time to take inspiration from the flower garden, and… apply it to cork!  And so I did!  This my newest pattern, PAINTED CORK BLOOMS! And using the brilliant, and beautiful, Dye-Na-Flow paints, made by Jacquard.  This paint is highly saturated in color, and transparent, and perfectly gorgeous on cork… even cork that has been slightly painted {as seen in the gray cork below photo}.  And any cork will do–even the silver or gold flecked, or light-colored cork {you want the paint to show}.

My pattern includes instructions using the technique of couching, to create a line.  It’s such a simple technique and yet adds so much pizazz! I use the Bernina #39 couching foot, but most machines have one that is similar. If you don’t have that one, then an open-toed foot will suffice.  AND… the pattern includes *multiple* variations of floral patterns & leaves, all in a variety of sizes, and applications! 15 pages of it, to be exact, with tips on painting, and detailed, illustrative photos and a detailed supply list too. Create a round table topper or placemat, a rectangle topper, or even a small coaster with leftover cork fabric.  Combine patterns to make your own unique design.  It’s made even simpler with the purchase of what is called “The Exciter Pack” of Dye-Na-Flow, available online or at your local quilt shop, for about $15 or so!  An inexpensive try-me pack of paints in nine colors–PERFECT!

And my pattern is $5 off with coupon code 5OFF for a limited time. CORK! So incredibly user friendly–it loves this paint, and it loves a stitch!  As you can see from the photos, I’ve added lots of detailed stitching in the center of the floral motifs, and edge-stitched around the perimeter–AND–even free motion quilted a design {see photos below}.  Easy-Peasy!!  Or you can add a pre-fused flower {or a collage of flowers} in the center of the motifs.  I will be posting another post showing painted designs and collages with my previous pattern, Edgey Cork Blooms, although either pattern interchangeable as you like!

BERNINA #39 FOOT with Razzle Dazzle thread loaded into the center opening, and ready to stitch on the lines, traced with a Frixion pen! Pattern includes settings for a zig zag stitch with this foot and thread!

This is a gray cork, which has been manufactured with a slight paint treatment to make it gray-colored

I added the small leaves round the inner circle–and a pretty satin decorative stitch–cork loves stitching like this because it can take it without additional stabilization!

You can choose to batt cork, and quilt it for a fabulous textural look, as seen in the photo of the runner… or choose NO batting! Either method is beautiful.

All of these floral motifs, in various sizes and then some… are included in the pattern!

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      Hi Lois, I do not sell the cork. My pattern indicates sources where I have purchased it. If not available at your local quilt shop, then check out these sources: Etsy,,

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