A Paintstik and a Pin

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Paintstik Rubbings with a rubber stamp.  I like to blend with three different colors, usually. 

I quilted with King Tut 40 wt Egyptian, Extra-Long Staple Cotton (It even says so on the label) and a black polyester Isacord on the bottom.  Because I had just a little bit of white Bottom (Line 60 weight) left in my bobbin, (ok, I was lazy) I stayed with it.  Can you see it? (Hint:  it shows a bit in the last picture)

 And a perfect setting to add some beads and baubles for a little bit of fun!

 These little 2″ squares have a cardstock paper backing.  I’m going to add a pin back.  A little dab of Autumn to wear!

I just wanted to make something that had a fall-autumn theme to it.  I have another idea to add these squares without the paper, to the back or front of a jacket… we’ll see how that goes, and if I can get it done before…



EnJOY your day.  Thanks for stopping in!

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  1. Love the bead embellishments. A few years ago, my daughter cleaned out her jewellery drawer and was sending much to the thrift store. I scooped it, dismantled most of it, and now use these pieces for embellishing my cards. Often, the embellishment has inspired the project. Fun.

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