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I ordered this layer cake of fabric, which are ten-inch squares, purchased last December.  They are from Malka Dubrawsky’s Stitch in Dye, line of fabric.  I do really love her work and the wonderful, colorful, patterns!  So I ‘ve been slowly inching my way through my older ‘to do’ list and finally… had the chance to put my hands, and my needles… to this project.

I decided to cut the squares diagonally. This is not only risky, but you can EXPECT your raw edges to stretch; in fact, they will likely do MUCH stretching, since they are on the bias.  The easier way is to stitch the squares together, draw a line diagonally, stitch on both sides of the line, and then cut them apart.  But I wanted to mix n match the prints, so I did the harder way!  I compensated for this stretchy issue by re-cutting my squares, making them nine inches, from the ten inches they started out as.

I made this into a small square runner… just to experiment with some feather quilting in a round motif; unplanned and not drawn out, and just see what would happen.  It’s not a perfect circular feather, but that’s okay. I didn’t really want it to be …

I began by using a jar lid as my circle template, from which to base the feather stitching from.

I used a spool of thread to make the second circle inside the first one.  I’m liking where it’s going …

And stitch away …

For stitching feathers, my favorite foot is an open toed one, and this is Bernina Foot #24 which provides really nice visibility for exact stitching placement, which is super helpful for feathers!

and I wanted to practice my outlining stitches with my free motion skills …

My secondary goal:  To make the backside just a beautiful as the front, so this piece would be reversible.

I chose Masterpiece in an ecru color for my bobbin thread, with King Tut in white, for my top thread.

Since I was ‘sew’ good to finish some older projects last week, I felt like a reward to start a new one! So far, sew good!  

EnJOY your day!

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  1. I cut my triangles first and then sew, also. I think I then retrim everything anyway. Satisfies my switchy/switchy gene and my 'make it perfect' need. Luv that inner circle spirals.

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