Pick Me Up Blooms ~ new spring collage pattern is out~

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Hello out there!  And Happy SPRING!  Woot Woot!  Wowza… we had 80 degrees this past Saturday! I thought I was gonna melt! LOL. And to help celebrate {just a tiny bit!} I have been diligently working out a new pattern.  This one, named by my sweet husband, is “Pick Me Up Blooms!”  Let me say this one… was a tough choice on colors for the truck.  I tried blue… it was cute but I had the dimensions off… then I did the green.  I like it.  Next… I may audition a chocolate brown/rust one, too.  The CHOICES are ENDLESS!!

But I do love the Apple Tree with all it’s pretty little blossoms trailing on the left side of this scene, and the hills in the background ready for fresh farming and planting! I added fences and a small little “lilac-impressionistic” bush on the right side.  And finally… “Angelina fibers” fused into the sky for a bit of cloud and that bright-sunshiney-day feeling!!

Of course, I’m still using the pretty shiny silver fabric for bumpers, and mirror … fun!

Lots of pretty shapes in the back of this vintage styled truck!  These are mostly small in scale — about 1-2 inches in size and just a handful of medium scale–like the yellow rose in the bottom center and a few other pink flowers I cut in half.  These are about 3″ in size… and I loved adding the new line of fabric from Tula Pink — this “Slow and Steady” — a flowery print on a white background {see photo below}… perfect for those pretty delicate lines and apple blossom blooms!!!  I was given some lavender print fabric by a happy student… and it’s so charming in the bed of the truck as well as impressionistic color for the Lilac bush on the far right of the collage…

The new pattern is available in the SHOP here on the WEBSITE… as well as on ETSY, click right here!!  I’m adding lots of the same sweet flower blooms in to help get you started, too!  {to put gas in your tank, so to speak!!}.  🙂

I’ll have kits available in a very limited supply… they will be $195, and I’ll even cut out the truck and elements for you for additional $50.  On first come–first serve basis. Message me here on the website Leslie@MarveLesArtStudios.com or on Etsy if you’d like one. They will include all the pre-fused and pre-cut flowers as seen below. Sky blue background fabric will change slightly from kit to kit, and the truck and all the elements will be the same colors as seen below as will be the hills, ground, border piece… etc. I’m also including ANGELINA fibers, pre-fused for you! All you’ll need to do is place on the sky background.

AND FREE SHIPPING for a limited time!!

Thanks so much for all your fabulous and kind encouragements on the Facebook page for MarveLes Art Studios, too!  What fun it has been!

Have a blessed SPRING in your step… today and every day.

Thanks so much for stopping by!

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