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Can you say that title three times in a row?  Reminds me of the game “Pick-Up-Sticks” we played as children.  LOL.  Well, I’ve been cleaning out my studio a bit… found these leftover silk patches from a quilt I free motioned a year or so ago called:  “Silk Road” for The Bernina Silver Thimble showcasing their silk fabrics.  That quilt is shown below:

And… from those scrappy leftovers, I made just a small, very basic, VERY simple tablerunner on which I had fun using my #39 Bernina clear embroidery foot (from yesterday’s blog — you can visit it again here).

What makes a fabulous “stix” for great visual interest?!  Those big, bold beautiful prints, like Kaffe Fasset, Amy Butler, Anna Maria Horner… or … Phillip Jacobs!  Phil’s fabric is the one I used here.  (We’re not on a first name basis — I just liked the way it sounded!)

I cut my “stix” 1.25″ inches wide.  But I’ve seen some are cut 1.5″ – whatever width you like, just pick one!  Fold the strip in half lengthwise, iron so there is a crease in  the middle.  Then take the outside long edges and press them to the center crease, wrong sides together.  Do this on both long edges.  Now you have your stix.  Hint:  Use STARCH!

I top stitched ALL the ‘stix” first on each patchwork block.  Then go back and add the silver thread with the #39 foot.  Think ahead, if you want some of the “stix” to cross each other.  You do need to switch back and forth between top stitching and adding the silver thread… Then, trim all the raw edges & threads; square up. Then piece your blocks together.

That ol’ “quilt as desired” phrase then comes to mind.  I kept it simple… no  heavy, or elaborate quilting here… just a pretty subtle variegated Rainbow polyester. The silk fabric and the “stix” are the stars of the show here!  And  ‘blee bleebalee – that’s ALL folks!’  (Borrowed from Porky Pig and Bugs Bunny!)

Gotta have a wonderful backing… it could be reversible if the mood strikes you!

P.S.  I almost forgot to tell you.  Most all of this type of silk, which I believe is silk habotai dupioni!  (but don’t hold me to it!) needs to be stabilized prior to cutting/piecing … or the edges unravel like crazy and makes a mess of stringy clingys everywhere.  A black fused interfacing was used on these.

P.S. 2:  This project was born from a similar (more elaborate) project featured in the Quilting Arts Magazine “Quilt International” published last fall. (or was it “International Quilts?”  — anyway.. it’s close!  I’m blaming my confusion on the cold medicine!) EnJOY.

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