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hi friends ~

not that i could physically do cartwheels… but i feel that happy about it when i’m done piecing my pinwheel blocks! … particularly in light of my recent enlightenment on our day of “sewing for cancer” a couple weeks back.  i learned a little technique to unstitch part of the seam in the back, and then saw how everything in those six seams coming together lays so nice, neat, and flat {and makes a mini-pinwheel} is joy enough for a cartwheel alone! lol.  i just love making that happen, and i love the suspense of seeing if i got the seams to match too.  so i’ve been practicing, i’ve even become {ever so slightly} addicted ~ and this time i’m choosing  fabrics from my kaffe fasset fabric stash for my ‘pinwheel dance.” 

well… they don’t all match… but as one person remarked… “well, that one is 90%!”  yes. always a pursuit of the excellence factor.

and i have decided my quilting on these blocks will be thus:

pinwheel feathers?!

blessings on your day!
soli deo gloria

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  1. That would be SO wonderful to quilt if the backside of the pinwheels laid flat like that. Can you tell me, or point me to a tutorial, on how to do that? Pretty fabric combo, and great points!

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