Pom Pom Ala Mode

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Finished?  Nope.  

The center of the flower bud… needs something more.  This is what I did.

I went rifling through my storage drawers for that little grab bag of felted balls I know I just saw a few days ago… Ah ha!  Found you!

So let’s give this a try… But first, let’s cut that pom in half:

And attach it free motion style.  Doesn’t have to be free motion… just whatever floats your boat!  An open toe foot would probably work just fine too. I happen to like the #29 Bernina clear free motion foot.  Why?  Well, it’s clear… (duh), and because the width of the foot also helps keep the pom where I want it, and stabilizes it at the same time.

Now that was a fun little adventure!  But it’s still missing some emphasis, although I’m diggin’ the three-dimensional look… that ‘come hither’ and take a closer look at me…

Ah… there you are my little French Lilac Glitter!  Come on over and join the party!

SOOOooooo pretty!  And Scrumptious too….. just a little dab’l do-ya!  And I dabbed it on with a little paintbrush which worked really well.  I didn’t have to sprinkle it all on, and then tap it off, (make a bit of a mess), tap it back into container… you get the picture, right?

Come a little closer to my darling flower center….  that’s it!

Ooh! Happy Eyes on pretty sparkles!

Now… whether or not I am done… that is always the question, isn’t it?!!!  Will… let… you… know!

Happy creating!  EnJOY!

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  1. I not only enjoyed your pictures and your gorgeous work, but I so enjoyed the glimpse into your thought processes as you went along.
    I blog,but I tend to forget to take pictures as I go and I often have a difficult time to get what I'm thinking into words. You seem to have said it so well.

  2. Leslie, do you dab on that adhesive or is it a spray? I've never seen that brand of adhesive or glitter before. Available online? Craft stores like Michaels?

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