ponderosa pine ~ quilted

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hi there ~  it’s more feathers!

this time a new hand-dyed fabric in my studio, dyed by vicki welsh ~ she calls it the “woodlands” gradient.  and i called it ‘mine!’ {at least for the time being!} lol  

i used this quilting opportunity try a different type of meandering feather, quilting continuous ‘branches’ and hopefully… achieving a kind of ‘flowing out’ from one feather spine to another. 

definitely a work in progress, but a fun challenge for quilting…

accented with a dark green razzle dazzle by superior threads.  this spool is #254, named “irish eyes.”  i love the emphasis this thread gives the feathers.

i put a warm golden brown thread of magnifico for the original feather shape, and then added a bright green for the hyper quilting, and deeper, ‘forest green’ for the outside motif quilting:

a pretty batik backing that will be a nice change if someone wanted to flip it over.  and… everything in my etsy shop is 20% until december 1st, with the code GIVINGTHANKS {all in caps}.  

And I pray we all do {forever and ever amen!}

Happy Thanksgiving!

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  1. Happy Thanksgiving Leslie- its snowing here very lightly and after a late night of creating here I NEED to get my turkey in! lol I love the way you use your colors..this is no exception. Also,..I just popped over to an old post of yours..your Christmas cards from last year..are you making some this year? They are so pretty 🙂

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