Postcard Palooza

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Finishing up some postcards as I am preparing for an August-September show at Liberty Village Arts Center.  These are some of the cards I will be packaging up for them.  I like brown on blue…

Purple on blue…

Purple on purple!

I took my machine to the lake; gave a few mini lessons on couching, free motion and feathers to Annette… and also got a little free motion couching action going on with new yarns and cords!

And these finished in oranges:

 I stamped this one with pink and purple with some silver action to accent.

 Have a fabulous Saturday!  EnJOY.

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  1. Thank you Gaileann and Linda! And all of you! I am so appreciate of the encouragement! Blessings!

  2. wowza…..your postcards are spectacular!! now, who wouldn't want one of those (or two, or three….)!!! :))

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