prairie frosted grass ~

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hello winter ~

one of the bonuses of  a montana winter season is the rare, but totally amazing snowy and frosty morning.  so delightful ~ and incredibly beautiful.   

a light snow.  a bit of frost.  sparkle.

and an early morning on the prairie.  a perfect excuse to get off the main road and see … and listen. 

my favorite, below:

and a lovely old post, just waiting for the sunk to peek through…

 how do you {get your sparkle on?!}

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  1. So pretty, and the frost just glistens, very nice photos Leslie, and what great ideas for free motion. I better get to practice! The sun shining through looks kind of like a explosive heart!

  2. Pretty frosty here too….but it warmed up a bit since this morning. I bet your winds are worse though, with not too many trees to hold them back. xox

  3. Lovely photos Lesley , I am somewhat surprised at the lack of snow in Montana , I always figured you would have plenty . We just had a blizzard that dumped at least 30 cm. with lots of wind to make huge drifts , the joys of living on the East Coast.

  4. I love the sunlight through the post. Beautiful. Guess What? I finished my first quilting attempt. I posted it on my blog. Don't look at it too closely!

  5. We do get LOTS of hoar frost but right now it is just bright white SNOW. Lots of it and it seems every second day. So I haven't seen much in the way of dried grasses and such. :O My sparkle just might be my Nina's lights! 😉

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