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morning y’all ~

i am in possession of a new sewing and quilting book, and i’m quite enamored with it!  it’s called “present perfect,” and it contains a plethora of super easy projects that appeal to me.  

and yes.  why yes, christmas is heading our way. sooner rather than later i might add.  there are some great gift makin’ projects here, that’s for sure… but… that’s not why i bought it.

there were two reasons, or should i say two words:  scarf.  and puppets. 

i’ve highlighted just a couple of the pages within for y’all:

cover of book

 oh yeah.  this scarf!  {i love scarves}.  and i hope to make one myself {that will be as cool as this one}!  it’s made out of knit fabric.  {i have some of that!}

 puppets?  “really?” ~ i had to ask myself…  yes, really.   i’ve never been terribly interested in them before.  but i am now!  but these little guys are speaking to me. ahh {actually, isn’t that what puppets are for?!}  so cute!

 and these simple leaf blocks.  love turquoise and gray!

 did i mention the cosmos infinity cowl {scarf?!}

 and isn’t this hat creatively done?  i’ll likely never make it, but i think it’s pretty cool.

 and placemats!  y’all know this right ~ that i am the placemat queen?  {yup}. or at least i feel like it.  i’m really not a queen of anything, but i do love making them!

did i mention these puppets are adorable?!! gotta begin the treasure hunt for my felt bucket somewhere in the studio, and see what i can create.  then i’ll have to practice my ‘forest friends’ voices!  lol. perhaps i can entertain our grandson’s… perhaps it will only be myself that is entertained?! oh well.  something has to motivate me!

i guess i’ll have to check out this ladies other books, too:

blessings on your day!

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  1. Oh those felt finger puppets are so cute. My grandson loves foxes and his friend loves owls, so those would be fun to make. I saw somewhere online where a woman hung her wall quilts and added finger puppets in a similar motif of the quilt to sit on top of hanging rod somewhere. Gosh I cannot remember exactly how she hung those quilts, but it was so cute. The other things in the book looks good too.

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