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Hello there ~

Happy weekend is over… but I am thankful for a little messing and painting in the studio.   Here’s a sneak peek of a detail on a new 8″x8″ canvas piece I‘ll show later:

More Gelli plate printing was also on my mind with some old papers I’ve had for a long time.  Stencils, squiggles, stamps, thermofax prints and stuff like that make for some happy creating for me.

 I’m going to add a few of the custom printed papers to my shop, but I also have plans for postcards, and mixed media canvas with these beauties!

The fabric below is a commerical, garment cotton, with gathered satin ribbon, lace, and embroidery. I thought it might be interesting to see how it printed with the s.e.i. dyes.  Here’s a close-up of the printing using the stencil “Three Totems.”

I spied these new sprays, “Color Shine” at Michaels over the past long weekend, and with a special extra 25% bonus coupon they were mine. They have a pearly/metallic paint additive in them, with a metal ball so you can hear it and shake it all up to mix prior to spraying. Pretty color, a bit of glitz, and shine; easy to use; easy to blend, too.  I used them on paper, below:

And then on fabric: this time a polka dot print was the canvas.  Cute!  Stencil pattern: “African Orange Stars with Border.”

I combined both s.e.i. dyes and then a top layer of the Color Shine sprays.  Hope you’ll be able to see the gold metallic flecks of paint and shine on the print in this closeup:

They are really, really pretty!

{love the polka dots!}

Layering was my idea on the next piece with Margaret’s stencils.  At the top of the fabric is “Dotted Quatrefoil”, followed by the African Stars, Branches, and Sunshine in overlayers, and underlayers! {are those even words} Guess they will be nowMy idea is to quilt this in another collaged fabric/journal style quilt.

Oh yes, I want to show you another photo of the white commerical garment fabric, showing the entire fabric piece sprayed.  Love the texture it with the lace and ribbon insets.

So don’t you think it’s {finally} time for some information about the Give Away?  Well, Miss Margaret has ‘left it up to me’ so to speak, so this is the scoop: 
Leave a comment on THIS POST about what your favorite PAIR of stencils are… don’t know which two?   
Well, you have to get to choose!  
If you need to refresh your memory 
{a term I hear often in the courtroom}

I’m going to pick THREE winners, 
one week from today ~ Sunday, March 3rd.
 So…“Have you got your stencil on, yet?” 
Blessings ~ have a great week!

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  1. Oooh, fun! I like the Aztec Tiles, Leaf Specimens, and Flower Blossoms! beautiful pictures of what you've done 😀

  2. I am so happy to have found my way here. Inspirational! I like the layered flowers duo and the secret garden. Thanks for sharing!

  3. as usually it is so difficult to chose from! My favoritews are: – Dotted Quatrefoil, African Orange Stars with Border and Branches
    I lve the detaail of your new canvas work shoed at the beggining of this post!

  4. Polka dots and layered flowers, for sure! Beautiful work as always, leslie. Where do you buy your painting supplies. I haven't really found a good source where I live. I tend to improvise with acrylics and whatever inks I have on hand. Could use a little advice, if you have a moment.

  5. Luv that second last photo! I like the Nouveau. I got it as a mask. Then I like the shooting stars and Flower blossoms and want the leaves and branches and… lol hmm? I wonder if our store will get Colour Shine. Tumbler Dyes are coming!!!!! 🙂

  6. I love the way the piece turned out using 4 of Margaret's stencils…it's beautiful! My favorite stencils are probably Sunshine and Flower Blossoms, but it's definitely a tough choice! Thanks for sharing your work!

  7. My favorite duo is the Star-Flowers one. And my favorite single stencils are: The Secret Garden,the Tulip and border, the Flower Blossom and the Branches. Thank you so much!

  8. ohh… these sprays are so pretty!! love all the fun you had here! 🙂 my favorites are the dotted quatrefoil and flourish!

  9. Wow, so beautiful!! I like Branches and Flourish, mostly because it looks like something I could make 😉 Your creativity is so inspiring!

  10. Hi Leslie! I am loving this thread on stencils and spray dye/paint! What a way to encourage me to get back to stenciling, after I had left off thinking it was too much bother. I just adore the Autumn Orange and the Branches stencils. I think they would give me a new start on my beloved botanical theme. Thanks so much!

  11. I like the layed flowers and the tulips. Your pieces are really lovely. I like the glitter shine look and your piece with the flowers is so pretty. Nice work.

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