Dye-an-flo Acrylic Paint – Exciter Pack of 9 Colors


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  • You will receive a brand new, unopened package of 9 different Dye-Na-Flo paints by Jacquard; a beautiful, high quality paint. This product is half paint and half dye; water soluble and GREAT for dyeing a whole cloth white Prepared For Dye {PDF fabric}.  It can also be mixed to intensify colors on a fabric panel, or mixed with Lumiere pearlescent paints too!  Versatile and easy to use. The bottles are squeeze bottles, and can be mixed to make your own unique color combos.
  • All you will need to apply the paint is a few, inexpensive brushes.  1” flat brush, 1/2” flat brush or a typical watercolor set type of paintbrush.
  • Paint is easy to dilute with water to soften colors or add soft highlights to fabric, or use a spray water bottle to move the paint and/or dilute.
  • Because there is dye in this product, please be aware that it can stain clothing.
  • Product is water soluble but will permanently leave a dye color on any surface when completely dry