FUSING MAT12 x 18” by Precision Quilting Tools


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I love using this fusing mat for so many of my patterns and collages!  This is why:

  • 12 x 18″ FUSING MAT by Precision Quilting Tools
  • The fusing mat allows easy, precision placement of pre-fused fabrics for  pattern pieces such as Good Day Bouquet, Sunflower Joy, Holy Cow or other college patterns in this shop!
  • After all pieces are placed, just fuse the entire mat with fabric pieces on top, let cool and then lift off and place the entire pre-fused projects onto the desired background.
  • The fusing mat is created from specialized, non-slip material which prevents movement so fabrics and especially smaller pieces remain in place while ironing. The see-through design provides visibility for appliqué creation and the non-slip material prevents movement of pieces while fusing with hot iron. The mat can be hand washed or machine washed for repeated use.
  • Bonus Teflon coated ironing sheet included.
  • Check out PRECISION QUILTING on YOUTUBE for tutorials as well as MarveLes Art Studios on YouTube!