Paper Pattern Bloomin Cool Spool 2.0!






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KIT Details:

  • Paper Pattern with full size paper template of spool, needle, quilting motifs
  • Illustrative Photos, Supply List and detailed instructions for fusing, cutting, and quilting.
  • Finishes to approximately 26 x 29”
  • Pattern Ease Foundation is included with pattern; the background will be created by using multiple pieces of fabrics pre-fused to Lite Steam A Seam 2 fusible web, then ‘free style’ cut,  and placed onto the pattern ease foundation material–it’s lightweight, and easy to work with!
  • A fusing mat is highly recommended
  • Steam a Seam Lite 2 Fusible web is highly recommended and about 4-5 yards at 18″ wide purchased separately is needed to complete this project.
  • Visit MarveLes Art Studios on YouTube for creative collage videos on fusing, cutting, quilting and more!

Skill Level: Easy! This is a great project for the first time quilter or collage artist! This is a fusible raw-edge applique technique, where all the background and floral fabrics are fused to Steam A Seam Lite 2, then cut out, creating ‘fabric stickers’ and are placed onto the fabric background.


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