Psalm 91:11 for JAMIE

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Jamie’s Angel… flashy and funky, stylin’ and cheerful…bright and red-haired, creative and musical… that’s our JAMIE!  This quilt was inspired by, and is dedicated to my friend and Christian sister, Jamie B. 

I had so much fun playing ‘dress-up’ with this doll of an ANGEL

Love her red hair! Everything else I chose revolved around the red head!

 I had so much fun with this ‘thread painting’ technique.  This is a technique that must be hooped in order to keep the fabric flat because of all the heavy threadplay that’s happening. I used two different thread colors in Isacord polyester  for the basic hair color.  A free motion zig zag for the darker color, and a straight stitch for the ‘highlights’ —happy smiles! Then, as the final ‘touch of ‘glitz’ I used a Glitter thread in a color of  a ‘true red.’ Cool! I chose a   white cotton for the quilting in the background inset piece… no need to compete with that fabulous red hair, and gorgeous batik dress, not to mention the delicate, pretty ‘look at me’ wings! Motif inspiration… just look at that fabric!  So that’s what I did… swirls!

GLITTER thread in bright silver also makes it appearance serendipity-like with silver stars quilted all over…. even on her toes!.. loving that heavenly feel!  and… who knew there were green stars in heaven?  I think there are! (see my post on bobbin play)… just ‘bedazzles’ and I love doing it!    Random, silver threadplay also swirls away throughout the border… I truly enjoy crossing the lines… having no fear… having fun… and being free…! I chose a beautiful King Tut in variegated colors, and it blends in that busy border fabric, so I didn’t need to get too elaborate with any quilting there, as it simply won’t show.

Plenty of opportunity to shine in other places… decorating her dress with a few free motion swirls in  a heavier topstitch thread (Fusions by YLI Thread Corp as designed by Laura Heine).

It’s all in the details… beading… topstitch thread, rayon ribbon, sweet lace edging…bobbin play, glittery thread… halo… stars… words written into the inner border… color, texture… plenty of eye candy…

This is how easy it is to make the lace edging for the dress and the wings… and instead of following the pattern directions… instead, I hooped wash a way stabilizer with tulle, added another layer of aqua film topping, hooped it, and then began my free motion stitching, outlining the basic shape with a contrast thread (I used brown in this piece) and then a lovely, beautiful variegated Rainbows polyester (from Superior threads) filled it all in.  Loosen that tension!  Put the same thread in your bobbin.  Make lots of intertwining circles… crossing over each other.  Unhoop…wash it completely out, lay flat to dry, press with pressing cloth … attach free motion style for EASE and presto-magico!  

Pattern is called “Look at My Wings” from Laura Heine… visit Fiberworks  in Billings MT for a fabulous store experience and more… YLI Fusions threads.. inspiration abounding!

Psalm 91:11 “For he will command his angels concerning  you to guard you in all your ways; they will lift you up in their hands, so that you will not strike your foot against a stone.”

Here are some other examples of hair, dress, and wing styles!  Would you like to just one angel?  Great?  How about three in a row… or maybe SIX… as the pattern originally called for!  I think I’ve made over 15 of these angels… great as baby gifts!

 —Soli deo gloria — 
“To God alone be the Glory!”

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