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Oh my.  It may not be “really big news” in the large scheme of life events, but it is pretty darn cool for me!  To find my own art in a national magazine I’ve read and admired for many years feels pretty surreal to me: it’s the Summer 2016 Issue of Art Quilting Studio!

I’m truly honored and humbled to be published in such a wonderful, creative magazine.  I was approached to submit an article nearly seven months ago, and the waiting has seemed interminably long! 🙂

The article is about the collaging and creation of “Shalom ~ A Peaceful Girl” ~ a floral collage pattern and wall quilt I created from a sketch of my beautiful daughter-in-law, Monica.  A weeks worth of writing, re-writing, and sharing tips & technique is contained in those four little ol’ pages! I hope you’ll take a closer look… the magazine will be out on June 1st!

{The Shalom Collage pattern is available in my shop, here on the website and on Etsy, too}

image image image image I am truly and humbly thankful to my dear friends & sisters, Toni, Karen, Annie, Annette, and Lisa who encouraged me to design, and create original collage works. They kindly offered me advice insights, support and much-needed encouragement to “be strong and courageous!”

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