raindrops and sweets from the paris gibson garden ~

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hi friends ~

welcome to one of my favorite morning stops.  up close and personal courtesy of the paris gibson park garden here in great falls.

i love stopping here. there is always something new to take in. i try to take a moment {or two} to indulge in the sweet quiet and fresh blooms of this beautiful garden. {it’s the jewel of great falls}. 

i’ve been making an effort to get out of the house extra early these june mornings as i am on my way to work, and just stop.  to see what i can see.  and i’ve been rewarded with awesome raindrops, dew, colors galore, and beautiful morning light…

so here are just a few of my favorites from the fabulous blooms.  

{a sweet retreat any day of the week} 

i swear {not really} ~ i could {almost} live on them!

and look at this gladiola angel.  {amazing!}

i’m never sure ~ glads or iris?  but this i know… awesome!!!

hoping you too, can take a minute to stop and enJoy!

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