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I have been home on vacation time, and I ADORE being home.  This is a list of my top five goals:
~ organize studio
~ clean studio
~ quilt Rowan’s quilt
~ plant garden; both flower and veggies (almost done)
~ play in my sketchbook (which I have been loving)
~ play with Georgia!  (oops that six) I know, that goes without saying.  Included in that is teaching her ‘manners’ and I’m happy to say she currently knows how to sit, lay down and shake hands on word commands. And her water bowl is no longer available in the house — for now, it’s outside on the patio!  LOL

So in order to begin quilting Rowan’s Quilt, I have had to step back and clean that studio!  I can deal with chaos for awhile… but then I have to clean, vacuum, put things away so I can start over again.  It helps me feel more at peace if I deal with the junky look first. (There’s more to that story, hey!)

The goal:  Each basket has a color, loosely gradated by value…

All of the fabrics on top in the three baskets, sitting on their sides, are prints, organized by designer or colorway/line of fabric (for the most part!)  The six baskets below are all my batiks, organized by color.  And we bought metal shelving, which Brian put together for me, found at Bed Bath and Beyond a couple years ago.

 On top of all my fabric baskets are a few pieced items… awaiting quilting, or large pieces of specialty fabrics, like cotton velvets, corduroys, wools and some kits. Below, the basket shows just the hand-dyeds, either made by me, or purchased from others.

On the far left, second shelf, are baskets where I keep one for  my stabilizers, one for patterns, one for Christmas fabrics (not yet reorganized), and one for leftover blocks, and fiddly fabric, like my organza collection which is in a large plastic bag, sitting on top of the basket!

My system isn’t foolproof… the baskets of fabric can be somewhat difficult to keep organized, as when I pull one out, it usually messes up the neat stacks. While it’s not what I would like it to be, it’s what I’ve designed with the space and money that we have had available, so I make it work for the time being!  

This picture is taken from the stairs, as you are walking down, looking into the studio. My studio space is in the basement of our home, where we also have two spare bedrooms, a laundry room, bathroom and storage space, and a freezer. That door to the far right leads to the laundry room, spare bedroom and bathroom.

 Above, is the green chair where I sit and paint, make fabric paper, stamp and make a real mess!  The storage for my rubber stamps, paper products, inks, brushes, stencils, paintstiks… are organized into plastic tubs, and stored underneath the tables.

I recycled an old, well-used cutting mat on the painting table, and a plastic garbage bag taped on top for painting, etc.  It can function as a space for another friend to sew if needed, too.

 And as you would walk around that table, there are bookshelves on the right, holding Isacord thread, all the magazines I want to save (the keepers!) and my yarn collection!  Further down the wall, is more of the thread collection with cupboards holding jars for ribbons n’ such important things!  (on the wall on the right, far corner)

I’m going to clean up the clutter on the windows and walls… go through my ‘saved’ tutorials, printouts of free quilt patterns, and put them in their proper binder books… soooooon…

 Vacuuming is done.  Garbages are emptied!  This is about as good as it really gets. You can see I have a stack of ‘awaiting projects’ sitting on the table to the left of my 730 machine, which is my secondary sewing table… ahem… needing to be done!  However, Rowan’s Quilt comes first, and I found these couple of minkee fabrics in my stash, in blues and soft yellows, which will be the backing material for Yellow Brick Road.

 The space is fairly ‘neat’ — ready to mess up again!  Below, I wanted to show you this wonderful lighting (at the top of the picture below), which my sweet husband installed for me, purchased at Home Depot.  This makes being in a basement, absolutely light-filled, and I have all the light I really need to see clearly when I am sewing, and I am not bothered by the darkness of having only three small basement windows.  And I love the “T” or basically, two “L” shaped table accommodations.  Makes for efficient use of space as the pillars were kind of a challenge to work around…

 And my ironing station.  In the back is another metal shelving unit with my teaching notebooks, Bernina resources, and books galore!  And a watercolor quilt in the background that I loved making, (over ten years ago as well!) and want to finish-quilt this summer.  And skirts to iron for work!  (not so fun)   And then an older, recycled table to the right of my ironing board, that holds my supplies, and a tv tray I employed to put underneath for  well… more stuff!

 And… another quilt I loved making, hanging on the door to the spare bedroom… as I contemplate design ideas.

 I have Ott lights working for me at all the key places; the ironing station, my cutting table, and painting table.

 I’m so grateful for this space, and I have plans to make it more functional, as time and money provides.  If not, then I’m happy with what I have.  It works, and I love being down there.  I so appreciate that I can leave the mess, and pick up where I started… and re-start!!

Have a great week!  I’m off to the sewing races!

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  1. Fun having a look around your studio. It looks very neat and organized for the time being, and I can tell that you love it there and make great use of your space.

  2. When you mentioned you were on vacation, I was amazed that you had a day job. Why? Because it seems that all you post about, you surely had to be in your studio 8 hours a day! What a nice tour – thanks! I am confined to one small spare bedroom (but my long arm is downstairs), so I have to get creative on where to store things. And then I have to get creative so I can remember where I stored them!
    Thanks for sharing with us.

  3. You have such a great creative space!! It is fantastic. Having your baskets full of each color is going to look so pretty when you are done… and of course makes it easier to find I'm sure. 😉 I just love seeing all the colors like that! Thank you for the tour. I loved seeing where you create those masterpieces!! 🙂

  4. Oh, Les! Thanks for showing your space. I wanna come sew/play with you! I've jotted down a few great ideas. Hubby bought shelving units like that at an auction sale. Your dispaly storage for the ribbons and such is wonderful. hmmm? Like you, things quickly messed up when fabric hunting for the right piece and I'm not sure that there is anything we can do about that. I do like that T shaped work area. And the lighting! Yes, better than fixed as you can position it. I would so like a big ironing surface like yours. That quilt top is fabulous. Your space is MarveLes! You are blessed!

  5. Thanks for taking us on a tour of your studio……it's nice to see where you create your beautiful work….

  6. Nice! I'll have show my hubby that I really don't have a lot of thread (yet!) Lighting makes such a big difference as does areas for different activities. We are blessed girls, aren't we? Is that a quilt frame I see peeking out from some yummy fabrics? For your Bernina or are you dabbling in longarming?
    Glad you have such a nice space for your play.

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