Red Autumn

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This is one of the many projects that has been ‘waiting in wings’ for quilting in the studio.  I stenciled these leaves onto a green batik using Shiva Paintstiks; one of my favorite mediums.The leaves were then fused down to the red swirl batik, seen below: Click here to see some other projects I’ve made with Shiva Paintstiks — the oil paint that is in stick form. 

 And these are some of the threads I  have been auditioning to quilt this piece with.  I may choose to do some bobbin play, too.   I sometimes take a long time thinking about what I like best… and this piece as been ‘curing’ for a few months now.  But it’s time to get cookin’ as it’s ready for the harvest. Autumn is coming… verra, verra, soon.  That ‘verra verra’ is not a typo.  It’s my Scottish brogue.  (Just kidding; I just like to think I could have one!)

You may have read in my post, Caribbean, how much I love Glitter thread from Superior Threads.   I guess it’s a ‘bling thing’ with me. And I don’t just ‘like’ it – I USE it lots, too.  I’ve shared this hint before on the blog, and it’s as simple as one—two—three—four.  Really.

  • Lower your top tension; I lower mine down to a setting of “1” from a normal setting of 4.  Yup.  Go down that far.  
  • Now, choose a bobbin weight thread.  Libby Lehman’s 100% polyester, a 60 weight thread, is my choice.  Strong.  Fine.  Smooth.  No friction.  Just like a good marriage! I also choose a coordinating color or a neutral that blends with the top  thread. 
  • Choose a metallic, or topstitch needle, size 90/14. It’s a must-do. 
  • And lastly, place the spool of Glitter on your upright, or vertical, spindle.  This is a ‘stacked’ thread, which means the threads are wound on the spool, one on top of the other in an up and down motion.  And remember to stitch just a bit slower.  This isn’t a race.  It’s art, you know! 

 I may also choose to throw in some other thread colors in solids, and in variegated, throughout this piece… more favorites, Superior’s Rainbows, a tri-lobal 40 weight polyester. Can’t wait.  It’s time for some fun this weekend, after a ‘verra…verra’ long week at work.  I will post finished pics (hopefully!) next week.

So much to choose from.  I love CHOICES!  And I CHOOSE three….four… or more different threads for many of my pieces.  

What’s your favorite choice? 

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  1. Leslie,
    What a beautiful piece this will be. I've always wanted to work with the Shiva paints. You have inspired me. Thank you so much for using our threads. They will look beautiful on your piece.

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