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happy thursday everyone!

as promised from my earlier post {see here} here’s the finished piece from vicki’s red sunset gradient, and i decided to use three different thread colors, from the “twist” line of 40 wt polyesters from superior threads, leading out of the gate is the “light/medium blue” twist.

and the green twist:

and the fun feather practice in sweet little tight curves and swirls…

and back to the gold/red twist in between:

the finishing “frame” was a very artistic yarn, that perfectly complemented this gorgeous fabric, and the pretty threads. i simply attached it via my bernina #43 foot, which is the free motion couching foot, directly into the seam of the binding.

i have a couple thoughts to share with you about my process here… i’m not sure i’m terribly impressed with choosing all three threads together in this piece…   i think i would have liked it better with just one of the twists, rather than choosing all three. but these three are the ones i had recently purchased, and i was really excited to try them out.

also… this is just a good example of how i practice… with beautiful fabric and beautiful threads.  when i choose things i really love, i’m almost always pretty doggone happy.  now, practicing on something like muslin… wouldn’t have helped me to learn the color value quite so well, i don’t think, anyway.  

so, i’m thrilled with the overall look, because… well, it’s vicki’s fabric, and the thread play is pretty. i guess that’s just how i “twist n roll.”  lol  

what i learned is that the blue and green, in the lighter varieties didn’t “pop” like the gold/red because the color value of the two colors within the spool were quite close, and so did not show up against the fabric quite as dramatically.  and although i loved all the contrasts of the thread against the fabric itself, i couldn’t visually grasp the “twist” of the green and blue thread.  

what does that really mean?

quick answer: i get to buy more thread!  lol  … but really, i do need to have not only a better understanding of value, as contrasted within the thread spool, as well as the fabric, but having gone back and looked at superior’s variety of twist threads… there were a couple spools in the same color, but in darker contrast and value that would have perhaps made this piece sparkle a little bit more!  not a bad thing… just a learning thing!!

so i will continue to twist and shout… and happily go exploring!  love it!
soli deo gloria!

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  1. Leslie, Your piece is beautiful! Thanks so much for sharing so much of your thought process…what you like and what you don't like about your own pieces…what you would do again, and how you think you could make it better. So many of us go through these same thought processes and it's very refreshing to read about your ideas. Thanks!

  2. The threads and fabric are gorgeous! I usually use muslin for my test pieces and am quite content with that. If I want to see the intended thread on the actual fabric (IF I have a scrap) I will merely lay/fuse a piece on top of the muslin and stitch over it. I haven't worked with the "twist" threads but love Superior's variegated metallic gold (so much that I purchased 2 large cones!!!!). It blends and pops with so much (that really doesn't sound possible but it really does and feathers turn out incredible!!!),

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