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hi everyone ~

when i saw this little gem of a quilt again, i was amazed at the texture, and how gorgeous the colors are.  it is, more or less,  a “whole-cloth” ~ and i bought it just like you see it here – already pieced with a zig zag, and purchased by the yard. love the color, and patterns, but the really cool part about it, is that it is backed with… red {stretch} velvet, finished with a velvet curvy binding, too. 

again, lori has kept it in pristine condition.  the colors are vibrant and bright, and the bead trim? a punchy bit of color and texture, for sure.  i fell in love with that beaded fringe trim, and used it in two different colorways, top-stitching it across the quilt. by the way, this is kaffe fasset fabric.

again, simple quilting motif of swirls, allover, and then an outline around the little flower motifs that were already stitched onto this yardage!  i know… it was an amazing find! 

and look at that texturized back!  i’m kinda amazed.  not in a bragging way… just that i actually thought to do it, and it worked just fine  quilting-wise.  it was one of the first project i ever completed on my bernina 730 in 2005.

yes.. there are some lumps and bumps, but i tell you… it’s totally worth it.  it’s charming, cozy and scrumptious!

i love stretch velvet.  it’s not entirely easy to sew with, as it does slip and slide, but i love using it.  i’m kinda known as a “velvet queen” {you would be amazed at my stash of velvet fabrics!}

just goes to show ya what you can do when you “don’t know any better!” 

i have to try this again!

soli deo gloria!

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  1. Dear Marveles!
    Wonderful quilt with great colors! You've got such a great talent to combine colors, threads, fabrics and other things! 🙂
    Greetings from Germany!

  2. YUMMY, lovely colors, beautiful stitching! It came like that with the little flower motifs? So pretty, what a find, and look at your beautiful free motion, you must steal it back! Haaaaa

    How wonderful it is to see your past quilting projects Leslie, and obviously your friends cherish them and your quilts have been taken care of so well…they look "new"! How lucky we are to have a piece of your world Leslie!

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