Reindeer ala Carte!

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Have you seen those gold-toned, paper mache reindeer at the craft store?

 Well, I bought one;  $10.  Half price.  Just for fun.  A friend suggested the project to me. I’m not sure she was expecting this result!  What do you think?

I wrapped… and wrapped… and wrapped…

  And glued… glued… glued!  Lots of leftover scraps of fabric… pretty yarns, a bit of a pom pom.

 8 hours later (yes – eight hours)… it was finished.  Am I crazy?  Ah… yes.  Is it ‘over the top’ —  yup.

 A bit of leftover patchwork came in handy as well as a couple leftover patchwork blocks. I added batting, because I wanted to quilt shiny threads… but I didn’t like the bulk of trying to form it on the back side of the deer form… so placed the other one without the batting, on the shoulder.  It looks way nicer.

A ribbon pom pom… seems to kinda fit, with this over-the-top reindeer!

 Wow.  Not sure I want to do another one. Although it was a GRAND adventure, and I enjoyed using my fabulous stash of yarns. It’s going to the Christmas Stroll at Fort Benton with me today, to be displayed on my table for the Art show in The Grand Union Hotel there. Perhaps, it will generate some comments?  

Speaking of which… what do YOU think of my ‘wild and crazy’ REINDEER?   (Use your best impression of Steve Martin here!)



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  1. Michele's comment made me LOL, as I was thinking "raindeer bondage?" (It's the green around the snout/muzzle and lack of eyes) She needs some big black jewel like eyes with metallic eye lashes and plenty of sparkle! My opinion only. Playing w/ all the thread, yarn, fabrics? Fabulous! Does this mean a trip to replenish the stock? Marveles!

  2. Thank you everyone! Just knowing it brings smiles is enough payment! No, no one bought it, as the price tag reflects the time I put in it! It will be a festive holiday deer in our home for now! SMILES, and BLESSINGS to you all!

  3. Leslie – I soooo love this! I gotta tell you, if I was a thread, I'd so rather be at your house than at mine . . . you'd put me to good use, and I'd look beautiful! You my dear are so gifted, inside and out! Your reindeer, makes me smile, I can't help it, just makes me smile! Joanie (the baddd sewing person 🙂

  4. Hope this cutie brought you good business for
    your craft fair. Would take him home with me
    in a heartbeat!
    such creativeness from one little gal!

  5. Only a wild and crazy girl could possess such a wild and craaaazy pet….no doubt you talk wild and crazy to it! That's ok, but if you find yourself singing christmas carols to it, well, let's just say that even Steve Martin might raise an eyebrow!LOL

  6. Very unusual and eye-catching! My guess is that you will have a minimum of ten people asking you to make one for them for Christmas! Have fun at the art fair.

  7. Okay, I am going to have to be honest here…..three words came to mind:


    You know I love you, when I can be honest! LOL

  8. It is the most gorgeous reindeer ever seen! Yes, it will definitely garner some comments and probably offers to purchase it so I hope you have a big price tag on it! A labor of love is hard to sell though. This should bring more people to your space. Good luck with your sales!!

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