Ribbon and Thread Scarf: Part 1!

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These are the supplies I began with to make my latest scarf.  You will need Aqua Bond; a water-soluble paper sticky back stabilizer.  And Aqua Film topping.  And lots of pretty threads, ribbons, yarns, lace… fabric strips and cordings can all be draped, laid on, and mixed up. 505 Spray comes in handy to secure the threads, before you lay on the Aqua Film in the last step.  See some students in the last class here!

The Aqua Bond package has been opened, and cut in half, lengthwise on a 36″ length, and the ends joined together.  (Sorry – I forgot to take a picture of that!) So here’s how it looks after I”ve applied my threads and covered it with the aqua film – another water-soluble stabilizer. This piece is now ready for the free motion fun to begin!  You can see the pink swirly circles I’ve begun in the triangular shape.

And more quilting… around and around we go… a great way to begin – to get free — with free motion!  I’m teaching a spring-time “Beyond Free Motion” class beginning May 5th at Bernina Silver Thimble; 5:30-8:30 pm. It’s a three-week class, held on Thursday evenings.  

 I will share lots of hints, tips, samplers, special free motion quilting embellishments and “free motion applique” for y’all to explore with me! A mini trunk show, educational materials and lecture on threads, needles, tension are also on the agenda! CMON and HAVE FUN with the FREEDOM of FREE MOTION!

I’ve finished my pink and green triangles.  Now moving on to the blue triangles, with blue thread.  I’ll have a post for you on what happens using the YLI thread…

Check the backside of the scarf, to see where you might need to add more quilting… making sure those circles all join and co-join, like a web, to form a surface that is entirely linked, one with the another… whether it be fiber, cord, thread or ribbon… join them with lots and lots… lots and lots… of circles!  And then there’s a bit of an ‘ooops’ I want to share with you, but it’ll have to wait for another post. More to learn and show you how I fixed this baby up!

HINT:  Set your machine speed to 1/2 speed or 3/4 speed, and put ‘your pedal to the metal’ and keep your movement of the scarf fabric at an even pace.

And then WASH, WASH and WASH the glue of the stabilizers out!  Use lukewarm water… and gently swirl, squish, and rinse.  You can let it soak for 20 minutes or so… and then make sure you refresh your water, and go after it again… and several more times, until you no longer feel the slick surface of the glue on your fibers.  Let it air-dry.  Press it flat if needed, using a low to medium heat on iron, and using a pressing cloth… just in case!  (Ask me how I know this one!)  But look at the beautiful yarns that made this “Santa Fe” scarf!  I love how this turned out… and it’s made mostly with just the yarn… more on it at class!

WEAR… and enJOY.  No one… no one… will have one just like yours, I guarantee you!  Look at the all-white scarf… with silver and gold metallic threads.  Beautiful!  Great for summer-time wearing, and just as fabulous at the Holidays.

 I’ve made over 100 of these over the last couple years.  Let me tell you that they will take approximately 3-4 hours from start to finish.  A ‘quick’ project, really.  If you want to add beads to the edges… expect that to take you another hour … or two, depending on your skills with the needle and beading.  I share some tips and hints about my beading technique at the class, too.

 I sell mine at GALLERY 16 here in Great Falls.  They retail there for $95.00.  The materials alone will cost you close to $20.00 or more, depending on what you have on hand. I’m TEACHING THIS CLASS on MAY 7th, 2011 – 10:00 am to 1:00 pm a SATURDAY at BERNINA SILVER THIMBLE here in GREAT FALLS!  It’s a super fun class!  JOIN US!  I will share all my best hints and tips with directions and a hand-out.  You can get one made before Mother’s Day even!  OR graduation gifts?  Or just because… it’s a very cool and fun thing to make for you!

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  1. I looked up "Aqua Bond" and I only see industrial products, nothing like what you show here. What is this product actualy called and where can I get it? I have tried Sulky Solvy, but it does not have the top film. Thanks, Pam

  2. I have made a couple of these but not with aqua bond! Looks like that is the must have for this project!
    Beautiful Scarves!

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